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  1. hi, who are you again?

  2. The v4.5 looks like the entama sort of. So does the v4!
  3. Hmm.. I am on spring break, so how about next group hatch in May and, lets see... The 15th?
  4. My mom saw it 2 years after it broadcasted then she showed me now finding it here on tamatalk.What language are they speaking?That is really old, sorry if I sound mean.I am not trying to.
  5. All right, mine is a v4 named TROY, here are stats. Name:TROY Happy:4 Hungry:4 Flower Points:194 Pencil Points:103 Style Points:299 Status:He goes to preschool, and has inherited everything from his father, JESSE points:22058 GP Weight:48 Alright, start hatching!
  6. Well on the v4s you just click get code.When you log out your reciept you have to enter the logout code then once you have logged out go to the games icon and go to PASSWORDS then keep the computer on the reciept then type in the codes.That is how you do it I think beacause I haven't went on the v4 tamatown in quite a while.
  7. How about today, 11:15 am UK flag (even though I live in america but Crystal is always full.) on the server BOOTS.My username is LILAIA.
  8. It didn't? (the .5) Someone on this forum does! I'm not sure who.It is in his/hers siggy.
  9. Any one else except for ilikehoney wanna join?
  10. Mine is a v4 and it looks like a tooth.Someone look it up for me plz!
  11. Cool! I hear my wallet saying "spend me! spend me!" But then I would have to go on a couple plane rides to get all the way to Japan.Next possibility is eBay.My mom probably will not let me though, I already have a lot.
  12. If it is a v4, then I may have the answer, for I have one and took PERFECT care of it, boom!I come home it beeps and it is DEAD as a door-nail!First, PM me and tell me the charachter, age, and if it was an adult, teen, toddler, or baby. I will help after that when I get the PM.