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  1. One day i was playing with my tama and then a bomb apeered and blew my tama up!And then the batterys went dead!SOMBODY HELP!!!
  2. I Love it! Its Fun,but sometimes it gets boring.
  3. Whats Beter,Sonic or Mario?
  4. When it says "AWAY"click the B boton to start your job.And the V4 tamatown ofice is coming soon.
  5. So the school was a job!Well, I got a [!]and now Im a hair dresser!Thanks everyone!
  6. Ok,my V4 tama is 4.So it got a [!]today.So I opened it.My tama goes to school & yells at the turtle guy.I get another [!].I opened it.My tama jumped to school AGAIN!When he got there,he had a froun & jumped back.The 2nd [!] should be a intrevue!And when I click WORK he nods his head!HELP!!!
  7. I found somthing else: All you do is change the date to dec 25!Now listin to the song..... If anybody found anohter cool song,post it hear!!! Chaotama24
  8. That hapened to me,but a little boy did not jump out!
  9. MrMoo,dont wory.It only stuns your tamas groth if you put it on pause!
  10. OK,I got a envelope.Before opening,I gave 300 to the king.But,when I opened the letter,I got POOP!!! So the tip did not work for me,but maybe for someone else.Its kinda like a gambel.(No ofence.)But,like in real life,gambling can give you fortion!
  11. But when I have 1 money star,I usely get a cool present from the King!!! So for me,it does not matter that much.(Sorry if I sounded rude.)But hen I get an envelope,Ill try your tip.(My cookie says 1 money star.)But thanks for the tip!!!
  12. To get your tama to play "Happy Birthday"on the V4 stereo, just set the date to your b-day and use your stereo.You will hear "Happy Birthday"Its very cute! Didnt work?Try this: 1:You MUST have V4 stereo for 9000 pts. 2:When it asked you "Birthday?"my tip will not work if you put in a random number. Hope you like it!!!
  13. Its only 1 day,if you never put it on pause.When I dont use my V3,I put it to bed.
  14. How do you get King,ofice, travel, and the 2 movies in V4 tamatown?Do you unlock them with your tamagotchi toy,or are they just coming soon?Help!!!