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  1. okay my cousin has a v4 and a v3 but he wants to know if a v4 or a v3 can get married and have babies stuff like that so yea plz help hes here rite now and i will really appriciate(<-or how ever u spell it) it thnxs
  2. my tama died lots of times b4 but then i can bring it back to life just press the reset button and then press the B(middle)button then download does ths makes sense i dont even noe lol but yea tat wat i did to make it come bk
  3. yea that happend to me b4 and i evenually had to get a new tama **sry about the bad spelling *** so yea it mite have to come to that sry...
  4. did u send the points 20.000 all at once or did u sent them like 10.000 and then the next time 10.000 becuz u have to send them seperatley
  5. maybe its low battery like wat tamagirl4ever or maybe if u dropped it sumtimes that happens trust me it has happened to me b4
  6. did u find or get the instructions sheet ???
  7. for it to wake up u have to change the time for eg. ur tama goes to sleep at 8pm and wen u want it to wake up so u can play with it up just change the time to usually the time it sleeps like since ur tama sleeps at 8pm (im just saying) u can set the time to 8AM or sumtimes at 9 AM if 8AM doesnt work
  8. u can just change the time to wen it usually wakes up eg. ur tama sleeps at 8pm and for it to wake up u can change the time to 8am or sumtimes 9am
  9. hi pplz, i just got my tamagotchi v4 and and i tried to go on tamatown for the v4 but u it says u need a password so does anyone noe where or how to get the password for tamatown
  10. hey pplz, does anyone here noe how to get the passowrd for tamatown from ur tamagotchi cuz wen i recieved it (as a present) i turned it on and it did the same routine as on the v3 but it didnt show the passowrd how do we find out the password to go on tamatown on tamagotchi v4
  11. wen i got a plane ticket this is wat i did my tama was an adult so i got to use it then wen i selected the ticket from my items there was this plane that appeared on the screen then wen it came bk a password showed up on the string theni went to tamatown and wen to the travel place there and clicked on the computer i think then u type in the password that the tamagotchi gave u then u get a prize or souvenirs and then THEY give u a password that u use to put in ur tama
  12. the problemis that i dont wanna but anything on the computer like ebay or amazon
  13. i think that the rare photo comes from the grandparents house that wat i hear people say
  14. okay sumone plz help me WAT COUNTRIES DO THEY SELL V4'S