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  1. I have to wait until my boyfriend is done going through bankruptcy before we can start a family.... ok maybe not a first world problem.. but eh. whatever.
  2. I keep wanting to get batteries for my tamas but i keep forgetting. I want to teach my step-son about tamagotchis he's turning 8 next month, so i think thats a good age to start. Get him into the oldschool gadgets instead of playing on his tablet or my bf's phone all the time lol I'm so out of the loop on tamagotchi stuff, what are they on now, the V20? or something?
  3. I've been here for 10 years,although i'm pretty sure i have an older account thats been around longer than this one, but i can't remember it. this thread should basically be a TT OG reunion thread lol
  4. I have two middle names. Victoria Dawn. So I'm Michelle Victoria Dawn -lastnamegoeshere-
  5. "Okay" My mom told me to be off the computer at 2 am, so I said okay. That was about 15 minutes ago.
  6. SuperHuman is a pretty good song Another song I like, that I'm not too sure people have heard of is Eyes on Fire by Blue Foundation Then Again, its from the twlight soundtrack...So I'd assume people would have heard of it
  7. For a Regular Drink? Probably Root Beer, or Juice, Or occasionally Chocolate milk. Only sometimes though I rarely drink water, its just, blah. I hate cold water, I'd rather have like, Room Temperature water with a few ice-cubes in it. As for Alchohol, Pina Colada for sure. <3
  8. On my First account, kittygirl_0929, I'll be Three Tamatalk Years old in June of this year. On this account, 2 Years. Or something like that. On my other accounts [which I can't remember the names of], Don't know. On my Newest Account ,Not even 24 hours.
  9. I could never go Vegetarian. ---------It would be impossible for me to eat just vegetables/fruits Sure, Fruits & Vegetables are good [Most of them]... ----But I need Meat. I enjoy the taste alot, And I honestly could never think of how it would be if I never ate it anymore -----------Sure...An Animal would get butchered, But if it were to live, it would likely die of disease or old age anyhow. Thats life. Things die. People need to eat. Do we judge predators whom hunt their prey out in the wild? Perhaps. But Peta, Judges everyone whom opposes them. Its like they're a cult bent on a sick twisted kindness for the world, in which bunny rabbits and kittens are in charge, where everything is made out of Apples and Asparagus. My Dad used to haul pigs to the a Maple Leaf[brand of like...Food and stuff] factory/processing plant thing, I'd be there when He'd send the pigs in [stand in the back of the trailer attached to the Semi, With the Cattle Prod Luring the Pigs in, While a factory worker would lead them to their pens to await trial. Anyways, Yeah. I'm Definantly not a vegetarian. Nor do I plan on ever becoming one. Vegetables/fruits are tasty though, But I prefer meat. Except for fish, or sea food. Simply because I dislike the taste.
  10. Whilst getting thrown into the Dungeon, along with the rest of the tamatalkers, Acid~Rain shot an icy glare towards the giant mametchi "What is your problem?" she asked bitterly.
  11. I went to one in Grade 6, Went back to my Old school in Grade 7, and Back to the French Immersion in Grade 8. It was fun there, Right now I'm in Grade 9 [supposed to be grade 10...], Actually, I'm not in school at the moment, I'm not even registered into a school at the moment, Long story.
  12. Twilight, and Warriors [stupid Library has like, Hardly any there. I just finished reading Firestar's Quest....Because the Library just got it in like...Last Month] I've yet to read Eclipse. I might get it at the library tommorow after my dentist appointment. Unless they've mixed me up on the waiting list and end up making me wait another month. Like they did last time. Stupid Library
  13. Poof Pregnancy would be quite akward. That story is horrible, But I know of a Nine Year old who had a kid [she was all, Into drinking, drugs and sex as soon as she got her period...Which was when she was eight, thinking having her period would allow her to act like a w***e] She gave the kid away for adoption [Yeah. The baby survived] ....The Kid is like...18 now, and the Mother is around 27 Its like babies are having Babies. Its Sick.
  14. Has anyone Seen this show? If You're Probably in your Thirties,[Which I am not], You might actually remember this show. I can't remember what Year it was, Somewhere in the 1970's. My mom used to watch it years and years and years and years ago. When She was like, 5 or something. I watch it on Deja Veiw [its a Channel, which has like, Old shows. Cosby show, Who's the Boss, Good Times, All in the Family, etc] I actually think its one of the Best Show's I've ever Seen. Lots of Emotion, I thought. And This Scene[From the Spinoff, Archie Bunker's Place], Was just so....Well written, And well Acted out by Caroll O'Connor.
  15. I'm 15 ... 50-... You are calm and really just like to be by yourself. You like crafts and such Oh Jeez. I'm the Most Elderly person So Far....Lol. But its actually quite true. I'm usually calm, I like being by myself, and I enjoy crafts. and Such.
  16. Do you have Dial-up or Highspeed? That Might be why, If you have dial-up, It would most likely go slow. I remember whenever I tried to get into tamatown, It'd take almost half an hour to load.
  17. Taylor Swift by far. Carrie's okay, but Taylor is far better in My opinion.
  18. The Only Disney show I haven't gotten sick of yet, is Wizards of Waverly Place. Then again, I haven't watched it enough yet. Only time will tell when It begins to annoy me like the rest of Disney.
  19. When They Yell out their attacks. Seriously. You don't see a person Who shoots someone go around yelling "SHOOOOOTTT" or a Person Who'd stab someone, yell "STAAAAAB" No. Or If some one Kicks someone, You don't go around yelling "KIIIICCKKKK" But even though anime's that do that annoy me [Which is probably most of them], I still enjoy watching the anime in general. I just don't really care for the Fight scenes, They all seem a bit too...Blah. edit- Oh, and Also the Breast Sizes. Excuse me, But Get a Reduction. Please Also, The fact that they'll wear the same outfit every day. Change your clothes. Its bad Hygene to wear the same thing over and over again. Also, being all "*stubs Toe*....She...she...Won't Love me anymore" Or something like that. xD
  20. Well I have alot of favorite anime characters. So I'll just list My Top 10 [in no order. Because that would be hard. Because They're All awesome] Grimmjow Nnoitra Yumichika Luppi Noba Ririn Cloud Ikkaku Keigo Rukia All Bleach Characters.
  21. 2 brothers, 1 Sister. All Half. Bro-Dale- Aged 19- Turning 20 in november this year Sis-Jamie- 31. Turning 32 in May this year Bro-Steve- 33- Turning 34 in August This Year, My Mom + My Brother Dale's Dad. Are My Brother Dale's Parents My Dad+One of His Ex's. Had Jamie and Steve And My Mom and Dad. Had Me. The only one I get along with is My sister, and She lives like, Miles and Miles away. And Steve, He's okay. Kind of a Know-it-all though Dale...Idiot
  22. Actually, Thats Pretty Helpful. I wouldn't know how to do anything with my hair to save a life. My hair Never goes the way I'd like it. My hair Hates me So. Plus, I don't have a straightener. Well I do, But Its buried in a closet in a box somewhere I'm dying my hair right now [black, Might Put a Picture up later in the Pictures topic in Seriously Non TT] , and I just got it cut this after noon [its Pretty Short. But Not Like, Short Short. But its short] I commented on the Video, by the way.
  23. When I woke up, I watched the first half hour. Then Missed most of it, and managed to catch the last 10 minutes in the doctor's office during my Mom's appointment.