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    Hey, my place still costs far too much!

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    V4 - Tensaitchi- 3 yr - Name: Kenny
    V4 - Maidtchi- 4 yr - Name: Wendy

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  1. I do - although I'm a tosser and usually he ends up on the floor.
  2. Can Mametchi evolve into a Tensaitchi if he was a young androtchi as a teen? I've only had Makiko as a special character, which evolved from Memetchi who was an Ichigotchi
  3. Happy Chocolate bunny day dead mametchi :D

  4. Why else would I buy one? But I wish I was better at saving the boxes
  5. Dang! Gonna need the big boot.

  6. And you're banned for making this song echo in my head forever.
  7. I really had to go back in time on this one. Dead_Mametchi is a last respect to a mametchi I had who died. That's four years ago. Time flies. The avatar however, is a different story, as my original avatar was of a zombie Mametchi. When my other laptop called it quits three years ago, I lost it And after that I've had many different, but the one I have now is great because of the changes done to this site; it displays bigger images. My current avatar is delicious in its black humor. We all go a little mad sometimes. It has drawn attention to itself, as I've been asked nine times by another user.
  8. I used to have a Gen1 with clocks on it, until my cousin stole it That was way back in 96/97; when the teachers had their drawers stuffed with confiscated tamagotchis. I bought a v3 pink with ice cream, which I still have in a shoebox, in 2006, but I wish I had found back to v-pets, because the toy stores I rummaged through only had v2 as the earliest Tama. I've never played with a V1, but I've seen videos on youtube and I don't think I've missed much.
  9. Ow, my eyes are hung up to dry, and I still have to clean the kitchen.

  10. I rummaged through some drawers and decided to start up one of my old v2's. It's working fine, but my tama (marutchi) is now standing on the floor, blowing bubbles out her mouth. None of my newer tamas do. She's just standing there breathing bubbles
  11. Songs you only listen to when nobody's home and with earphones on? Although my official and true favorite music genres are darkwave, industrial and rock, I do love pop music from the eighties and nineties. You won't find any evidence lying around though - the "stash" is safely contained in two secret mp3-players. My brother caught me once, while I was singing and shaking my money maker while cleaning my room.