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  1. Vote your favorite VALVe game here!
  2. I remember in 2007 back when I was a complete idiot, I used to go on this site 24/7. Now, this site has just few posts for the day, instead of new posts flooding in every 5 minutes. What has happened?! (Also, I'm REALLY OLD here, I haven't been on in years)
  3. I'm wondering, because I might get it, does it have Let's Go Tamagotchi clips on it and the movie? Or just the movie?
  4. Does anyone play garry's mod 10/11? (Also, I realize I never am online anymore, ^that's what I'm doing most of the time.)
  5. I would take the Physics Gun from GMod. Lol.
  6. yea, I play it, I'm kuchiboy
  7. ...and companion cubes. anyone else play portal?
  8. this is a little digi pet thing i got at dollar tree (>.>) and it beeped while I was sleeping at night and woke me up (it pauses but unpauses every 7 weeks) and its annoying. i dont even have the right screwdriver to get the batteries out. (there dead now) but my point was WHAT ARE THEY??? i seriously dont know EDIT: yeah description:"hours of fun..." yeah. until they wake u up at 2:00 in the morning.
  9. ...blue mametchi. AND a tamagotchi that isn't from bandai, but looks as it had been drawn and printed on.
  10. spam Edit: TamaMum Please don't back seat moderate? (It's also spam)