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  1. tamaloversss

    Win a free Tama-Go!

    I know I posted earlier, but I was tired and I feel my post was a little vague. I think that there should be a contest where you have to bake and decorate a tamagotchi themed cake. They then describe the cake in detail and post a picture. Rules: 1. I know this might make this contest impractical for Tamatalk, but it should be for 8 and up. I just don't want Tamatalk to be liable if a little kid with no baking experiance burns themselves in the oven. 2. The cake must have an image rated PG or below. The Powerpuff Girls Movie was PG. 3. The contest should probably last a month so that everyone has time to gather ingredients. 4. It's okay for children under 13 to have help from their Parent/Guardian.
  2. tamaloversss

    Win a free Tama-Go!

    I think there should be a contest to bake a cake and decorate it tama-style. That would be awesome!
  3. tamaloversss

    Creepy O~o

    That is definitely a glitch. There isn't much you can do about that.
  4. I've only done one contest, but I got 84th!
  5. tamaloversss

    tamatown v6

    1. Log on to Music City 2. Enter, and take the left fork to get to the School thing 3. Enter the school, then the studio 4. Create and save your songs 5. Exit the studio and go to the front desk Hope I helped!
  6. tamaloversss

    Music Star Glitch

    It's perfectly normal. When you don't get a pro debut the first time, every time you practice your band members will re-evolve until your first street concert.
  7. tamaloversss

    What happens if you let your tama get old?

    When it dies, you will lose all of your items/points, and you will reset to generation 1.
  8. tamaloversss


    You can do the muffin shop and the fruit thing. Try to refresh alot in the shop until you see cheap food, then buy alot.
  9. tamaloversss

    Pick one

    I'd say get a V6. They're my favorite by far. Don't get a V5 though. They're boring by the 3rd generation.
  10. tamaloversss

    V6 Awards?

    You get awards by having band ranking #1 and performing well at a concert. Band ranking is a stat showing how high your band ranks. The higher the band ranking, the more your tama gets paid by the band manager. Tama fans doesn't really matter. It goes up or down depending how you do at a concert, and doesn't really affect anything else.
  11. tamaloversss

    What are your pet peeves on music city

    Mine: It's so annoying that my producer level goes up so often, when I've been on 6th level silver cd for at least two weeks now. Plus, everyone keeps trying to get me to trade my guitar for a christmas tree!
  12. tamaloversss

    Is it possible...

    It happened on my new V6. Mine are paused alot because I spend alot of time on tamatown.
  13. tamaloversss

    Brain Teasers

    The two coins are a nickel and a quarter. 1/10. The room has no walls.3/5. Ok, I got this from a book I read once: You have a board that weighs two pounds. You saw it in half. How much do the two pieces weigh?(It's was really hard for me.)
  14. tamaloversss

    OHH Why!

    I think that they just don't want to tell you when they're releasing a new version. They're afraid that half the world will know as soon as you do. They just want to surprise us.
  15. tamaloversss

    tama conection

    If your tamas share a username and have the same character, the codes will all be the same. That is pretty rare though...