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  1. )It was a joke, man. I'm 11, I used to joke about Michael Jackson all the time. But didn't I say I was extremely sad about him dying and that I couldn't believe it? (And that was BEFORE he died, that I made jokes about him.)
  2. I just can't believe. I seriously can't. Michael Jackson dead? Nuh-uh, impossible. But then I saw the 75375837483274287492847 websites with articles about him. And CNN, NBC, 7 News, FOX, HLN, CW,ect. all had news story's about him. And when I searched "MI" on Channel Search most of the results were about him. I just can't bring myself to believe anything anymore *sniff* Or cry, either. Poor Farah Fawcett, also. (Other news, don't read if you are easily offended, highlight if you aren't: No more Michael Jackson jokes? dang.
  3. ^ Oh, and then they let 4329754823747432874583274823751038174289365718 Pokemon videos on YouTube. Aren't they copy righted, also? Ooh! Awesome! Do it with SpongeBob.
  4. There's some more info on Check it out. If they let you go to ALL the Regions (exepct that wasteland they call Sinnoh) that would be soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo AMAZING! I wantz the PokeWalker, also.
  5. Tell BanDai I want some cupcakes xD Anyways, I WANTZ THE TAMAGOTCHI MOVIE!
  6. It seems just yesterday I first joined. Here's the happy birthday song! Happy birthday TT! Happy birthday TT! Even if Admin blows up and everyone dies, (no offence) TT'll still be the best! Yaaay!
  7. There were stab wounds on her chest. And Mametchi was right there, a knife in his hand that was dripping blood. But the dog was there too, and there was another knife on the floor.
  8. Just then, Angelgotchi appeared. "I have come to take KuroMametchi away. To Tama Heaven" she said. "WHAT?! No!" cried Chantotchi,"You can't! He's the only thing I have left!" "Your purity of heart has saved him, for now." said Angelgotchi,"But you must go to Kuchi Forest and retrieve Ponytchi's Tears bythe thirteenth day, or Devilgotchi will come for him."
  9. (Tis okay. I PMed tama w/ pants, so it was taken care of.) Some really funny things happened at the party. For instance, an evolved into Fatmanitchi, a newly discovered tama.
  10. (I is a she. And I really don't care if I got sent to jail in the story. It's a STORY. But I do have to report some of you guys.) A day later, there was a big party at Carly's house.
  11. Dunno. Maybe he was a taecher or janitor. ~~~~~~~~~ "I forgive you Dad." Furawatchi said.
  12. As the topic starter, I can cancel any post that I find inappropiate for the story. And DO NOT call me dummy. DO NOT. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Callie/Flower didn't know what to do.