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    Tamagotchi's, swimmimg, clogging, Reading fantasy books (like Eragon and The Revenge of the Shadow King) Warrior cats (RULE!), and webkinz.

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  1. Nobody has has made another post wow! Did i like, stun everyone into silence with my pets?
  2. Well the poll didn't work but... I have two pet mice and am soon (hopefully) to get two baby rats, i alreday have one pet rat! Rodents are awsome i think they are adorable. P.S. i did hit enter but it didn't change anything.
  3. Okay well i ope tis poll works (its hard to get it to work right...) plaes post you're answer, as for me I LOVE mice! they're adorable i have to pet mice, Rosie and Esther, their SOOO sweet. ~Tamagardengurl~
  4. I'm an idian, i nad to make my costume, the costume was really hard to make. Its a leather skirt, a white T-shirt (that i sowed) with the edges fringed, a beaded belt with a leather sheath, a dagger my dad made for me, and a pair of fake moccasins (i had to sow it took me FOREVER!), and face paint i looked up how to make online, i have blonde hair and i WAS giong to die it black (not permanet) but the paint said you shouldn;t use it on light colored hair (which i think totally defeats the piont!) Happy trick or treating! ~Tamagardengurl~
  5. oh you have one (an avvie) and avvie is short for avatar, an avatar is a.... okay well its just a little picture you ave up in the corner of all youre posts!
  6. me i'll do it, but sorry, my tama hatched this morning, so its a couple hours early, its a V4 and it is a weird little toddler right know (the toddler has a mohawk ) hope its OK she hatched early, she weighs like 48 pounds is a girl is named Sarah and is toddler at the moment. ~Tamagardengurl~
  7. i'm jioning! althoug my tamas hatched this morning! but i hate to pause my tamas so i didn't pause them, i got a baby girl and named it Alina, she is know a toddler tamatchi! i'll try to get pics later but right know i cant figure out how to get tem to show up! its confusing! ~Tamagardengurl~
  8. I think you should definetly NOT get rid of youre tama's, my family has has 2 dogs, 2 cats, a bearded dragon (which is my sisters), a leopard gecko (which is mine), and two adorable mice that i love (they are mine). and yet i still ave time for my three tamagotchis! and hoping for 2 more this christmas. I used to have hermit crabs and they were really easy to take care of! once you get their cage set up you just have to clean it about every other week! i think you should defintely keep youre tamas! ~Tamagardengurl~ hope i helped!
  9. Okay so i heard that a pumpkin woul appear on youre screen during halloween, my V1 is debugged and so i superspeeded it to skip trough the day real fast to sea if it was true. and it was! at 11:30 a big pumpkin appeared on my screen, my tama by the way was an Ichigotchi V1 and was not yet an adult so (at leat on V1) the pumpkin can appear on the screen at 11:30 am. so if anyone wants to sea the pumpkin they can set the time to 11:29 am I hope i helped people who have questions about the pumpkin! P.S. if you touch the butons and try to play with it the pumpkin will vanish ~Tamagardengurl~
  10. yeah if it really doesn't work then just return it and get another one.
  11. Do you have to have a Nintendo DS to play with it? becuase i dont have one, i have a gamecube . so is it basically like a gameboy, or is it like a disc you plug into something?
  12. Everyone is talking about a Corner shop thing? what is it really called? what do you do on it? ~Tamagardengurl~
  13. nope they haven't opened yet but i sure they will soon! i really, REALLY hope that the matchmakers home opens! that would be so cool.
  14. Omg! i chew on my lanyard all the time! eek!