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  1. A while ago I gave my god mom person a tama a V4.5 I think. and she called a bit ago in tears because her tama died. Now let me clarify. her actual tama unit died. New battery and all wont start. She had 87 generations on the sucker, had worn the buttons near off. And she don't pause her tama EVER. So I am wondering what V should I get her to replace her worn out one?
  2. I have just restarted my collection but I have 5. But I only play 2. My husbands and mine. both the music stars.
  3. I am 20 Years old, is that too old as well? My mother has wored hard her entire life and there is not one thing on this Earth that I woud not do for her or give her. My mother is a loveing person, mom to all. If she could adopt every orphan she would without a blink of an eye. On top of that every child would feel so love they would feel like her only child. My mom is who she is and I love her for it. It makes me smile when I walk into a room with a smile on her face zoned into her tama, finally relaxing and escapeing the stress of the day: and know that I gave her the means to do so and that it is somehting that we share. The woman even cry when she must give a time out to her tama So I will say this loud and proud.... My mom is 49 years old and loves her Tama. I came asking for help not insults. It is a very sad day when there is a age limit on happiness, smile and fun.
  4. This is the second new battery I have put in it for her though....
  5. Okay so I have given my mom one of my tama's and she is more attacted to it than anything else. She came to me two days ago upset and handed my her tama, who had recently bred. But instead of mom and baby, we saw egg and baby. (I did take a pic so i have visual proof) went I decided to try and feed it, the egg hatched and then turned in to the "egg-angel" thing. Then was a egg again. I reset it and it turned into a tama again. On top of that it has been 4 yrs old for the past 3 days, mom wont leave her baby behind ang go back to tama land, and my mom wont stop worrying.....HELP!!!!!!!!!
  6. Well....Honestly, I hope the people who are so crule to virtual pets never have physical pets....all pets virtual or physical have thier own personailtys. And every one here has a good point. Go de-bug it. But go to the doc, sensless destruction is a point to wonder about. mainly my feelings are, Thats the way to cookie crumbles, dont like it, get out of the kitchen
  7. I just got a bunch of new ones. NONE have the extra batteries. I am sad
  8. no i have had three. 1st got marchas 2nd got a skatebord. 3rd dunno yet
  9. Well my gabe is now five and yeasterday he grew into a Tarakotchi.
  10. Has any one gotten the hidden pet yet, Notchi?
  11. Yesterday was so fun for my gabe(his second b-day). In connection he got a ball to play with. i couldnt get him away from it. and i caught tree of his poo's and let him sit on the potty.
  12. I will start my tama log with Gabe, a one year old Oniochi. He is a second generartion. the product of the Robotchi and Kuchipatchi.