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  1. So a couple days ago, Willy Bubba became a Tamatchi. Tomorrow he is going to change into his adult form. He is at 75% discipline. I haven't heard a peep out of him all day so I'm not sure if he will call for his last discipline tomorrow or before the day is out. I highly doubt he'll call for his last discipline today considering it's almost his bedtime. I'm not sure what will become of him, most likely Ginjirotchi or another Masktchi. I'm expecting Masktchi just because of how much I let the hearts drop (and not on purpose). Maybe I'll try to get the secret character on my P1. Speaking of the secret character, that is exactly what became of Big Baby Sweets just three days ago. He is fairly undemanding (and I'm happy he has a new bedtime). He loses hearts pretty slowly and I have been able to figure out his poop schedule (every 3 hours, at the xx:32 minute mark). I wonder how long he's going to live. I've never had Bill before until now. He is now 16. I also wonder what my next Tamagotchi will be on my L.I.F.E. app. Hopefully not another Masktchi. I want to try for Ginjirotchi next.
  2. Hello, TamaTalk world. It's been well over two years since I've done a log and I thought I'd come back and entertain you all with the days in the lives of my Tamagotchi once again. Currently, I am running my old blue P1 that's been with me for years, and a Tamagotchi L.I.F.E. on my iPhone. I know some of you may not consider it a real Tamagotchi, but remaining within the realm of my P1, I figured it was completely appropriate to make a log for my app P1 as well. First, I bring you Willy Bubba, my P1's latest baby. Nothing too exciting in this stage, just awaiting his transformation into Marutchi in an hour. On my P1 app, I have a 12-year-old Masktchi named Big Baby Sweets. He is a regular blue and white Masktchi and he is a spoiled brat. Stays up late, gets up late, constantly begs for my attention when there is absolutely nothing wrong. Masktchi seems to be my average care taking pet. I'm not thrilled but I do have a bit of a liking for those raccoon eyes. Tomorrow should be more exciting for my Tama's. I wonder how long Big Baby Sweets will remain with me. And what will be the fate of Willy Bubba? Another Masktchi perhaps? Let's hope not. I will allow comments in case anyone has any questions for me.
  3. Happy Birthday - Hope you're doing OK!

  4. Well hello there, everyone. I've been gone awhile, haven't I? Here's the update on my exciting Tamagotchi life. Reese became the most adorable creature ever: Kabutchi. I made a video of him when he came up close to the screen once but I've yet to put it up; it's been a stressful couple of weeks for me. Reese's son Chris is currently on pause. I'm looking for an appropriate time to tend to the baby. My Familitchi is on the third generation of Bings. From last generation, I mated Bebe, who became a Violetchi. She had a set of triplets: Betsy (now an Onputchi), Benny (a Mumutchi), and Bree (another Violetchi). They are currently at 90% bonding; I am hoping to get them up to 100% and mate Bree with a Sukatchi so I can get a pure Violet family. Other than the Space family, I have never had a pure family, so this should be a unique experience. I'm excited.
  5. On my V2, I am now taking care of Sally's son Reese. I've been doing a much better job with him than I did with Sally, but still not perfect. In his Marutchi stage, I let his hearts drop once (but he did NOT get sick, thankfully), missed a time-out, and he slept next to his poop last night, so today he became a Hinotamatchi. And that's OK, because I LOVE Hinotamatchi. I don't care if it's a sign of bad care. I am loving having Reese around. I'm trying not to worry as much about his training bar and just focusing on good general care (feeding, cleaning up, etc.) The second generation of Bings are now teenagers. Bertie is a Mamekatchi, Bebe a Chamametchi, and Billy a Kurokotchi. Right now, Bertie and Bruno (his father) are vacuuming. The bonding level is up to 50% already. Yay. I've been choosing the "Smart" activities lately (blocks, darts, etc.), just because I've always had "Easygoing" characters. Though the Bings are a blended family for now, I want to see more different characters. Maybe I'll be able to get up to 100% bonding before adulthood. Since I've mastered the shoe game, it shouldn't be too hard. Maybe I'll put up some pics tomorrow. I'll see if I get any good ones.
  6. There's not really much in the way of excitement to report today, but I'll give a quick update. Sally is still here for another 3 hours with her son, who has gotten sick three times throughout the course of the day and will not stop pooping, it seems. I do hope this isn't a precursor to what his life in my care is going to be like. I'm going to try much harder with the baby, and it should be much easier given the current circumstances of my life. I think, if I'm still awake, I will make a video of Sally's departure. I'm really looking forward to taking care of the baby. The Bing triplets only called for one bonding session today, at least that I heard. I often miss the bonding sessions because I am out and about with heavy metal blasting through my headphones, causing me to miss their beeping for bonding. The kids played with blocks today, which increased their bonding to 10%. I'll try and be more attentive tomorrow. I read that the games played with the parents increase bonding levels so I'm still trying to beat them. This will come with time. I still haven't uploaded the video of the dating show/birth of the second set of triplets. That will happen in due time, no worries.
  7. Oy. Sorry for the lack of updates. I had an extremely stressful week, but most of my stress is gone so I'm going to try and update more regularly now. Sally went from Nikatchi to Whaletchi. Oops. I did the same thing to her that I did with Kevin; she got sick once during her adolescence but she didn't turn out TOO bad. Tonight she had a baby boy with a Kusatchi (a relative of Benji's, perhaps?). I have a name picked out for him already, but it's a secret until Sally leaves him in my care. Not much else to report on my V2, and probably not much for tomorrow; the baby will probably get sick tomorrow, as usually happens when the adult is carrying the baby. Here's Sally, the couch potato. Cedric the Tarakotchi is no more. I am holding off hatching my P1 again until I can do so at a reasonable hour. The first generation of Bings made their bonding up to 70% in the end. I don't recall all of their adolescent stages, but Bruno was a Mukugetchi, Betty a Potetchi, and Brett a Hatugatchi. Obviously, the bonding level was not ideal at the time of their adult evolution. They spent a few days bonding until this evening when Bruno decided to make a family with a Yonepatchi. (I have the video but it's not uploaded to YouTube yet, as we are having connection problems over here.) They had triplets, Bertie, Bebe, and Billy. I was in the bathroom at the time so I didn't get to witness it, but Bertie became a Mattaritchi, Bebe a Tororotchi, and Billy an Ahirukotchi. Ahirukotchi is my fave, but I still think I want Bertie to be the one to breed the next generation. Or perhaps Bebe; I've never had the mother be the one to breed before. Today, the kids played with paper airplanes, which was pretty cute to watch. Tomorrow, I think, is going to be an exciting day in the lives of the second generation of Bings.
  8. Yesterday, Kevin went dying on me. I slept pretty late so I didn't realise he had gotten sick until it was too late. After he left, I hatched Sally. After her infant stage, she became a Marutchi. I took fairly good care of her yesterday, but I think I fed her too many snacks. This morning, having slept late again, I woke up to her sick and having her hearts completely drained. Uh-oh. I don't want to fall into the same trap I did with Kevin. She also had two poops next to her, so I got her cleaned up and medicated. I fed her and played with her right after. From now on, I'm going to take better care of her, and perhaps pause her during night school. Today, Cedric became a Kuchitamatchi. And I'm not surprised; with all the snack feeding and neglecting I did, I pretty much knew that was his fate. Like I said earlier, the problem is that I keep forgetting about him; he's kind of the third wheel between my V2 and my V5. But I am going to try and take better care of him as well. Meet the Bing family. There are two sons and a daughter, with the daughter being the middle child. The oldest is Bruno, who is now an Ahirukotchi, then Betty, a Tororotchi, and Brett is the youngest, a Mousetchi. I'm expecting their teenage forms to come any time now. But until then, let me tell you about their progress. With the exception of this morning having their hearts drained completely (luckily nobody was sick), I've been taking pretty good care, trying not to miss any bonding sessions. Their bonding is at 10%, having had 3 bonding sessions within the past 24 hours. But I don't understand why they still act like complete strangers around each other when I press the C button. I'm trying to do a variety of activities and not always pick the same type, so I'm hoping for the best for these little guys. I'm glad there are five hearts on the Familitchi instead of just four; I would be surely out of luck if that weren't the case. More on these guys tomorrow, folks.
  9. With Kevin, I faced my worst nightmare: taking bad enough care that I got Gozarutchi. I learned to like him though. I just can't get over how quickly his happy hearts drain. I've been giving him snacks because I haven't felt like playing the game so he's rather heavy. The matchmaker is coming for Kevin tomorrow, and I'm hoping I can better my V2 caretaking with the next generation. Garth became a Togetchi and had a successful stint as a pastry chef. He was fairly low-maintenance and was adorable. His job completely owned Eliot's job at the restaurant. Today I decided I was bored with my V4 and was debating starting up either a V1 or my V5. I played with my V1 a bit today, but I really want to play with the V5, so I'm starting it up tomorrow morning. Hope you all will enjoy my Familitchi log In addition to these guys, I started up a P1 again. I'm running my blue, pink, and yellow unit and I have a Marutchi named Cedric. My only problem with Cedric is that I keep forgetting that he's there until he beeps at me. The P1 game is incredibly difficult for me, so I've just been feeding him snacks. Let's see how that turns out, shall we? Sorry my entry isn't longer today, but I hope you enjoy my video of my Gozarutchi.
  10. In that case, I'll start up my V5 tomorrow morning. Thanks for helping me decide, and thanks for reading my logs
  11. Tomorrow I am going back to school. It's my first year of college and I am doing night school for remedial English during the summer. I always run my Tamas during the summer because that is usually when my friends leave me for wherever their vacation destinations happen to be. I am currently running my V2 and a P1, but I am debating on a third to run; I took the battery out of my V4 because I think it would be too high-maintenance to run during school (plus I'm bored with it). School hours are from 5:30 to 9:30 PM. I have a V1 running at the moment, but I just found my V5 in one of my drawers. I want to run my V5, but I know that my V1 is pretty low-maintenance. Then again, it's been a while since I ran my V5 and want to get the feel of it again. I'm wondering, since I'm only doing night school, is it worth it to power up my V5 and put my V1 back on the shelf?
  12. Yikes! I overslept today and Kevin was sick from unhappiness. I fixed him up right away, but I can't help but worry about his growth from here on out. Tomorrow is his last full day in his teenage form. I suppose all I can do from here is be more attentive, discipline appropriately, and try to relax. I played lots of games with him today because his happy hearts keep draining so quickly. The poor guy. Maybe he needs Tama Prozac. Only kidding. I do have to say, however, that the neglect I've been giving him does make me curious about what adult I'm going to get, because I am not so familiar with the V2 characters. I'm sure through a long trial and error process, I will get something healthy eventually. Somehow, Garth seemed impervious to my oversleeping this morning. The adorable little Gourmetchi received all necessary care, including two time-outs and a praising. I'm really excited for Garth's future. I want him to have one of the jobs that requires more skill points, so I'm trying to play the Dance game with him as much as possible, but I'm not very good at it. I suppose I'll get better with practice, but that will only happen if Garth will stop losing so much weight. Needless to say, that's something we have in common. But tomorrow will be an exciting day: adulthood! This is Garth. Ain't he adorable?
  13. Much has happened since my last post. I've been under a lot of stress so I apologise for not posting more frequently, but I will try to do so from now on. Eliot's daughter Sindy became a Marotchi after just barely getting away with being short two training bars. She had some trouble getting a job but ultimately took a job as a firefighter. She had a baby girl, but I took the battery out and put it in my other V4 because I was tired of raising girls on my V4 and I wanted to show off my other V4 unit, my glow-in-the-dark one. So yesterday, I put the battery in my glow-in-the-dark V4 and hatched Garth. He went from Mizutamatchi to Gourmetchi. I absolutely adore Gourmetchi. Since I've been working only with intelligence and social points, I set Garth up with Miss Flower and he will ultimately become a Togetchi. I've been taking excellent care of Garth, perhaps a bit too excellent; he's been so skinny that he hasn't wanted to play. He's sleeping right now, but tomorrow I'll get a picture of Garth, my adorable Gourmetchi. On my V2, Benji left behind a son named Kevin. I fell into the same trap I did with his father; he sulked from depression and slept with the lights on last night. Thus, he is a Puroperatchi. Oops. I don't mind Puroperatchi in the slightest. It's kind of cute to watch him fly across the track in the Jump game. I'm trying to take better care of Kevin from now on. I turned the lights off tonight so it's a start. More tomorrow, my friends.
  14. Busted my mother's blender making strawberry smoothies. Oops...

    1. -EbilKitteh-


      too late, I've already done that by making banana AND strawberry smoothies~


  15. Sorry I've been away for a while. I've been preoccupied for the past few days and have neglected to update this log. Oops. So, here's the story. Eliot had a (boring) job sorting utensils at the Gotchi restaurant. I loved having him around. He mated with a Maidtchi and had a daughter, currently in my care, named Sindy. She is a Ringotchi, having evolved from her Puchitchi form this morning. I accidentally let her sleep with poop next to her and completely drained hearts last night, so I cheated a little; I set the time back an hour and fixed her up, then turned the clock back forward again. I would not usually do that with any other Tama besides the V4, simply because I hate Universal characters. This is Eliot, coming up close. On my V3, Poppy became a Debatchi. I was getting bored with my V3 and decided to put the battery into my V2. I hatched Benji, a cute baby boy. I had my ups and downs with Benji. After 4 days of letting hearts drop constantly, having him sulk with his back towards me once for happiness (though I took care of him long before he would've gotten sick from it), sleeping with the lights on one night and poop next to him another, Benji became this -> I was secretly hoping for a Kusatchi, but at the same time, did not want to neglect too much. I'm going to enjoy my time with Benji, as it is precious, since Kusatchi is long sought-after. Here's a video I made of Hope you enjoyed my log for today and all that comes with it.