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  1. I agree. I have never had a tama die from being too fat.
  2. Whooh! She's turned into a Kutchipatchi! Hoping to mate her with a friend's tama... Hooray!
  3. At the moment, my tama is 6 years old, a ichigotchi, and has 8/9 training. I'm hoping that she will turn into some kind of adult soon... Wish me luck! When Gia was first born, I decided that I wasn't going to give her any snacks, as I'd heard that it gave you a strange character. I gave up after two days, because it was too difficult trying to complete the games every time ( I suck bigtime at the games...) Since she turned into a teenager, I've been treating her brilliantly. I haven't let her hunger/happy hearts drop below four (keen, i know...) But, yup. I'll update when she does something.. (Oh, and she's having a bath at the momnet)
  4. I've had a hinotamatchi 1st generation before... I think it just depends on how they're brought up.
  5. I've just got one. See no need to buy more. Loads of other people I know have them, so breeding isn't a problem. Two or more must be impossible to care for...
  6. Apparently she only comes if your tama has full happiness and hunger etc... Mine came at aged 10. You could always find someone else who has a tamaplus and have a baby with it... I'm not sure. Good luck.