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  1. Yes, her connection failed and yours proceeded so your tamagotchi is under the impression that its off to see hers. It'll come back.
  2. Yesterday I left Jane home all day by herself!!!! Oh noes...... But I didnt come home to a screen of angel wings......just a very very unhappy young mametchi. Jane is just blobbing around on her screen so nothing new... ~Shilo&Jane~
  3. Okay. I am sitting down at my computer to write a proper entry. Tief evolved into a young mametchi, then tarakotchi. He's currently on pause. Jane is still a mohitamatchi (asleep)....I think she might evolve today..... That'd be groovy. ttyl Shilo
  4. Phew! Havent really found the time to write in here. I'm too busy to look after both tamagotchis right now.... Kylies baby, Jane (Jane Eyre) is a mohitamatchi on pause. Eddies is a young mametchi evolved from mohitamatchi called Tief (its German, my friends and i love the word!) Have to have Tief asleep in my locker during the day cause I got caught with him but I dont think my teacher realised that he wasnt a phone which was lucky. That could've let to alot of questions.... Aah. sorry not much time, my dad needs the computer... ttyl Shilo and Tief.
  5. Big news! Kylie and Eddie 'married' today!! I was in ikea and i was a bit bored so i sat down on a display sofa and connected them. They both started turning from side to side and you know the rest if your tams have 'married'. Little baby girls! I'm going to pause Eddie soon because I'm going back to school. I'll be looking after Kylie and baby this week (pausing at night) cause I cant look after a teletchi at school. Then on the weekend I'll unpause Kylie and Eddie on Friday night so they can go 'home' and look after their babies. PM me any name suggestions. I've got all week to decide.
  6. I think when a character has a baby it goes home because it doesnt need you anymore and is leaving its child in your capable hands. but when they 'die' i think they go home because you didnt care for them and they will find better care on tamaplanet.
  7. Eddie evolved into a hidatchi... "I look like a female tamagatchi! This bites!" He's wearing the hohotchi costume. Sorry Lindon. Eddie and Kylie are four hearts!!!! Thats all for now. ~Danii, Kylie and Eddie~
  8. And stopped in my tracks, wait! What am I doing here? Shall I throw away everything to follow this mere boy who will never love me.... ??? I spun on my heel and ran, trying to erase all thoughts, except which class I was going to. I walked into beginner German and there he was.... Sweet and deep, melting my heart once more He smiled and whispered "Guten Tag" Gesturing to the seat beside him... I froze...
  9. Jane Eyre <3 i love Edward. Rochester that is..... (lols at her own wit!)
  10. It's absolutely amazing and I do hope you pursue this, I have a thousand ideas, words and emotions to go with them rushing around pointlessly in my head. I wish I had your ability to get them down in a structured fashion. Best Wishes ~ Shilo ~
  11. I'll tell you a story. It was a rather rainy day, much like today (well, it was today) when a girl (thats me) was listening to her iPod in her dads car when suddenly a series of beeps came from the cup holder where her purple constellation tama (thats Kylie). She reached for it and was just in time to see her Hikatchi evolve into a beautiful mimitchi!!!! KYLIE IS A MIMITCHI! *REJOICES* Nothing new for Eddie, but he'll probably evolve tomorrow. ~Shilo, Eddie and Kylie~
  12. My friends and I used to be very obssessed. But we soon woke up a little...they were one of those things that rock your world for a few months. Now I like their music, they seem nice enough, talented guys and yes, nick jonas is cute/hot/&c.
  13. I put my iDog in the bathroom, as far away from the showear as I can, stick it on shuffle and sing at the top of my lungs!!! It's fun cause i know im off key etc. but i cant really help it... If I have a late shower with music and i wake people up im in XD I love music. I'm continually listening to it, whenever i get the chance. If I can't find my iDog, or whatever, I DO go to the trouble of lugging around my stereo. Hehe. It's worth it. And who voted I dont shower????
  14. I have the first nano, it's green and fabulous! i luff it =] but i didnt name it O.o it's just "Pod" lol ^w^ i stuck some cute Galupy stickers on it too =)
  15. They probably wont see this cause they dont go on TamaTalk but anyways. Tora~Caramelldansen!!!! Speedycake remix OF COURSE! Loz~Fifteen ~ Taylor Swift and 4ever~Veronicas