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  1. H Here! --- Hi, sorry I havn't written for a long time. How's Life? Anyway; Nafja, - (wierd name, I know!), left the other night, leaving poor little Abbie in her box on her own. The next day, she grew into a Harutchi. Oh no! Right in front of me, my version 2 has died! It was fine a moment ago! :-( Ok, it's... It's a girl! Hmm. I'll call it Bob! Hahaha! *AHEM!* Anyway. Abbie is now an Obotchi, and she's really cute, too! Better be off, but wish me luck with my V2 - I hate it when they die! H - xx
  2. Hey - Me again: -My V2's 7 or 8 by now and the flippin' match maker hasn't come! I called it Eizus, 'cause it's Suzie backwards out of TORCHWOOD! -(I now have the book of it!) Poor old Sappy got ill today, too. PHEW! -H. -xx
  3. MY V4's dead!--- I'm now all the way back at the start. 'Sappy' is a teenager, and she looks like this: She's cute! Write later when I have decent news. -Holly-xx
  4. My V2 is now awake and running!!! I had the whale on my V2 and on my V4. On Gen 3 now but waiting for the match-maker to come. Sorry I hav'nt written in ages - bin busy. If any-one wants to chat to me, add my addy ; See you later! -Holly-x
  5. Hey there, me again. My tama is 7 today and I keep on missing the match-maker! :-( HELP!!! Anyway; I went into Arundle after school today with my mum, and I bought a new battery for my V2. I now have one of those round children called Newg, which is Gwen out of TORCHWOOD but backwards. The funny thing is, when I connected it with my V4, it came out differently on my friends list... See you soon, Holly -xx
  6. New Job!!! Hey there! My Tama, Suzie, finally got a job! After being rejected twice - (Because of not many points,) I finally got a job at a fair-ground! COOL!!! See you l8er, dudes! H-cat -xxx
  7. ADULT!!! Yesterday, my V4 turned into this: Also, I got flowers from da king!!! I don't like fortune cookies - they're annoying!! When I get a job, i'll tell you. For now, look after your tamagotchis! Holly -x
  8. Hi there! I'm Holly & I have finally got my hands on a V4! Well, I actually got it on Saturday the 13th of Jan. I'm now on Gen 2 and I have a young Mimitchi called Suzie. If you watch TORCHWOOD, you might have guessed that i'm going through the charecters. Anyway - g2g to tamagotchi town! See you soon! Holly -x P.S: Emma & Emily - your my best pals!!!