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    Tamagotchi<br>drawing<br>tamatalk<br>and most of all<br>taking things apart and seeing how they work.

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  1. I reset my tama but he was a.....Oh what was he .......Oh yeah he was a scientist. He had 75 pencil things. And I don't Know what else, But that was the highest.
  2. Sorry I couldn't open this sooner. My tamagotchi is V4 as you can see. Her name is Kathy. She was: Mohatimachi > Young Dorotchi(yay) > ???(hopefully Dorotchi)
  3. SSSSOOOORRRRYYYY!!!! I was busy so I couldn't write anymore. O.K so my friend reset my tamas so all of that data I had wrote about is trash :( I got a spud again and he was: Tamatchi > Piroriroritchi > ???
  4. Hi. Sorry for not writing.I had some important stuff to do. Anyway I got a V4 so I will be starting a V4 log tomorrow. Note:I said starting a new log not shutting this one down Running late Got2Go.
  5. thanx . I just got my V4 yesterday and checked tamatalk for shop codes and I had no idea what it did.
  6. I Undebugged my V3 last night so the log is going to go slower, but smoother.
  7. Hi SPUD again.Well I just evolved!I'm now a Hashitamatchi!I think Tyler's going to let me run the log most of the time. bye.
  8. Hey it's me SPUD! Guees what?!?! Im a Tamatchi! Remember how dad wanted me to be a ? Well I think he's nuts.I want to be a Young .And afterward I want to be a .
  9. hey its me spud im writing on my own.but daddy.. he left this morning to go to Tama Planet. I miss him*sniff sniff*
  10. Im supposed to be taking a bath(again) but again im not^.^ |:-| im taking care of spud(supposedly) I hope spud turns into a kutchipatchi, but Tyler hopes it will be a mametchi(again) hey am I dying cause I have heard your life replays right before your eyes when you die
  11. YYYYYYYYYYYYYAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Matchmaker Came!! My Tarokatchi is a proud daddy!! I now have a baby boy who im gonna call spud!! BTW my tama's debugged so i used hyperspeed.
  12. hey me again FURO well Im taking a bath right now or well I should be but Im not!!! hehe!! Tyler wanted me to be a mametchi but I think they're girly! yuck!! I personaly think tarokatchis are cool I think hes a bit crazy. FURO I THOUGHT I TOLD YOU TO TAKE A BATH!!!!!!!!!! Uh thats Tyler Got2Go FURO!!!!!!!
  13. Hey its FURO again. OH hey guess what!!Tyler and I go..well, erm Accually it was just me but we..I got to 400 points 4 times in a row!! and then Tyler messed up and only got himself 250points Well who cares its his life
  14. I suggest get a new one, take it apart, switch screenes, put it back together, and download your tama. then all the info will still be on it