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  1. Ok now. Yesterday my tamagotchi v5 had 3 normal tamas in the screen. They were adults. And today. Out of no were i see my tamas are all small and i thought they were babes but then i saw it said petite family. How did it happen? I mean they were normal adults and now petite. How?? Thank you.
  2. Theres no way you can stop the thief from stealing your money. Sorry. But thats the way it is.
  3. Is Ebay a good site to buy tamas? Coz i want to buy a tamagotchiv6 and were i live , Ebay is the only place i know that could send me tamagotchis. Btw i live in Cyprus but i am half English. Or do you know any other websites that can help me? Did anyone ordered a tamagotchi from Ebay before? Thanks.
  4. I beleave that tamagotchis are alive. And tulikallo has a point because is a good side of view to see and think about tamagotchis are alive. But i think that tamagotchis are in that little round cyrcle waiting for your love. So me -some people thing i am weird- because i speak to my tamagotchis. So all tamagotchis out there. Speak to your tama, SHOW some love. Dont be afraid what other people say. Yours trully Neo
  5. Hey tamafans. When i was about 12-13 i stoped playing with my tamagotchis v4 and v5. Now i am going to be 14 next week. I started playing with my tamagotchis. i missed them alot. But i just saw a new tamagotchi v6-Music star. What is it like? Is it like a v5 with 3 tamagotchis but with music? Can someone tell me as much as they know about the Music Star or is there a website with all the information. Thanks By Neo
  6. am givin it the items that help bondin go by 3 but it dont work
  7. i got a v4 and a v5 but bonding and training dont go up. Both 0. What sould i do.
  8. yes i want to join. Pm or watever you want to do.
  9. What do you mean our tamas to be in it .... PM me
  10. When you first get your tamagotchi with what item do you open it? Items: Scissors , Knife , Hammer , Your teeth , Put your hamster on to it to chew it, Look at it and hopefully will open on its own, Put it into a hot bowl of water, Throw it in the road Hit it with a wrench, Step on it, Throw it on the wall. This is a funny topic, DONT take the options seriously. If you got other ideas how to open a tamagotchi please reply. And reply your asnwer that you chose if you want.
  11. I nead a big favour. Can someone write me all the jobs and what skills do they need so i can get them.PLease .thnx
  12. So its same thing. Its still a town. I have been there. Its still in