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  1. NOTHING MUCH HAPPENED Nothing much has happened, update tomorow. oh i got a new tamagotchi, a V5 Family Name: Chery Son: Mimifuwatchi Daughter: Omututchi Son: Futabutchi or sometin. Well now they are: Mousetchi Belltchi Mattaritchi BYE!
  2. They Evolved! My tama's: Son: Mousetchi Daughter: Sakuramotchi Son: Mattaritchi My friend's: Daughter: Sakuramotchi Son: Mosetchi Daughter: Belltchi Update tomorrow!
  3. MARRIED! YAY! they got married, so happy, My baby Crash got married to a chantotchi. they had a: Son - MimiFuwatchi Daughter - MimiFuwatchi Son - FutaBatchi Parents: GlaSuntchi & MamaMetchi Then. my beautiful Grechen went & married Jake. Grechen - Megamitchi Jake - Magictichi Parents: Grechen - Tennyotchi Jake - MahaRajatchi Children: Daughter: Mimifuwatchi Son: Mimifuwatchi Daughter: Omututchi Well an hour is going pretty quick. update when they evolve.
  4. NOT YET! omg my friend had her tamagotchi on the travel show for about 5 hours! so the marriage has been delayed. GRR! i have decided whos getting married, i'll will tell you when i make my next post! bye.
  5. MARRIED SOON its nearly time for them to get married, ii'll update wen they do!!!
  6. Sorry about double posting, but i have a different question. do you know where theres a chart for like Blended family Parents or something? because me & my friend want to know what tama's will be better to get married? Megamitchi & Magictchi OR Prince Tamahiko & Anesantchi ? THANKS!
  7. BACK TO NORMAL! I gave them a HEALTH BAR and they EVOLVED back to my beautiful ADULTS!! YAY!! I'm so happy, I got them back! wooot! there getting married today yay! Grechen & my friends one are getting married. he is a Magictchi, and Grechen is a Megamitchi. But were not sure which we should get married just yet. update later!
  8. EVOLVED ??? OMG they evolved into the PUDDING FAMILY! Give me some help! i want my beautiful prince back !!!!! HELP!!! GEE. UGHHH! UGLY FAT FAMILY! GRRRR! Nothing much has happened.
  9. OMG. my adults evolved into the Fat family! or whate ever its called. how do i get my other adults back? they evolved when i fed them cos i accidently let there hearts go down! so i quickly filled them up and they evolved? help how do i get my adults back!!!
  10. Me and my friend both have a tamagotchi v5. celebrity and we are going to get them maried, but i have a question. can they get married twicE? like for example. my girl gets married to one of her boys, and then they move, but then can her girl get married to my boy? thnkz.
  11. EVOLVED! omg, they evolved! Gizmo is a Tamastatchi Grechen is a Megamitchi and Crash is Prince Tamahiko. Gizmo is definitly going to tamaplanet, and i'm still deciding with Crash & Grechen. but if i'm marrrying a different tamagotchi like without the match maker. doesnt the one that gets married go to the other tamagotchi? and the other 2 leave, and then theres to left on your screen? well anyway, thats my plan. i'll update tomorrow sometime. BYE~ - Mel' - Gizmo - Grechen - Crash
  12. SO BORED!! i want them to EVOLVEEE! they are in the Sociable family. what does that mean? is that why Gizmo always talks to the fridge? well i'll update a little later, bye! - Gizmo - Grechen - Crash
  13. OMG I HAD TO POST AGAIN! they now have 100% bonding (: 2 more hours and they are evolving, i can't wait (: on friday they are getting married! YAY! Ohhhhhhhh they want to talk- Helolo! its Gizmo again! i really want to go and visit the JML family again! they have a girl there... she is a ichigotchi... UM. yeah, i'm evolving soon! well i think my fridge wants to talk again! Byeee! HEyhey! it's GRECHEN if you have forgotten i am a ichigotchi! just like my bestfriend! i get to visit my bestfriend on Friiday! by that time we will both be adults! YAY! i hope she still thinks we are friends? well i should get going. byebye! Hi. if you forgotten i am Crash, i am a Mamekatchi! i wiish to be a mametchi! but i know it won't happen! i won't to get married, but we are not sure who will get married yet ): bye!
  14. oh i forgot to tell you! they have 90% bonding! they are adults soon. woot! they should be getting training soon? can you please pm me about my log? oh and who do you think should get married?! just so you know, {Gizmo is writing in Blue.} {Grechen is writing in RED} {Crash is writing in Green} {The fridge talks to Gizmo, the fridge writes in Orange} ~~~Fridge~~~ OMG why do you have sour milk? i don't have sour milk? it's fresh? NO i tried it, it's SOUR! how would the fridge know? it's his contents! GO make some friends, and stop talking to a fridge! Atleast one boy has brains here! Crash be nice. AND when is he nice to me! ?? OR ME!? oh just stop fighting!! i think we should go.