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    Im back :D I haven't been here in like a year and I've missed y'all :) I'm deff addicted to writing , it's one of my favorite things . XD I'm very creative and love To write stories and just write in general . I've changed a lot for those who used to know me . Music . Writing . Sports . My life > ❤ XD . Taken; 1.11.12 ❤ get to know mehhh ;) :3

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  1. I Cant figure out how to change my about me .. im deffinatly not like that anymore .. Any helpp ? Thanks xD :3

    1. TamaMum


      Go to your profile > My Profile > edit My Profile > Edit About Me

  2. so yeah , i freaking love skillet ♥

  3. so yeah , i freaking love skillet ♥

  4. I seriously am in LOVE with this song♥ anyone elseee?
  5. playing sports in college, married, kids, a job. yeah thats basically it.
  6. so baby im alright, with just a kiss goodnight♥

  7. maddee a twittter♥

  8. shhouldd i make a twitterrr?

  9. soo my friend has a talking pinnocio toy thingy and it tells you yes and no to your questions. and its accurate ♥ 5 kidss? imma go crazzyy .

  10. summer 11, do something crazyy ♥

  11. So im 14 and have all four of my wisdom teeth in already. i have to get mouth surgery to remove them. anyone else gone through this ? tips would be appriciated
  12. okay, eraser burn is basically what @katie_bug said. if you do it for so long it scars. it doesnt hurt while you do it but it hurts horribly afterward. @try honestly : i dont know why i did. at my school its called a sissy test. if you back down you get called a sissy or if you scream in pain your a sissy. i didnt know it was gonna scar either. everyone makes mistakes. no ones perfect. k, thanks.
  13. offically a freshmann (: summer 11' , here we come

  14. ugh, 4 more days. wah. anyways pool laterr wiff bri, em, brit and rikkkeeyla (: