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  1. How do I get the secret characters? Like the Tama who loves Coffee? Or like in the old days with the secret characters? Also any news on when Tamagotchi Mobile phone is coming?
  2. I am playing right now! It's kind of cool with three games and more animations! Plus a funny animated intro!
  3. I bought to items and I can't seem to get them to work. I bought a CD and make-up. When I give to my adult Tamagotchi all she does is sit next to the item with a question mark over her head... Then it goes back to nothing. How do I use these items? I spent alot of points on them.
  4. I heard a rumor it was to come out by December 05. Any news on if this is true? If not then when will it come out?!?
  5. And I wish I knew when Tamagotchi for mobile phones comes out.
  6. At what ages can my V1 and V2 Tamagotchis mate?
  7. I heard mid-Summer but does anyone know what the specific release date is yet?
  8. If my friend and I connect our Tamagotchi enough will they have an egg together? If so then who gets the egg?
  9. Can anyone confirm this? Or is this some sick joke..? (The V2 being in the US part that is.)