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  1. Me again! I bundled my modest little collection together and I think they all look rather dashing! The two Jensei's turned up today Still pleasantly surprised about Japan -> UK shipping times! From top to bottom: 3x 20th Anniversary Tamas 1996 P1 • 1997 P2 V2 • V3 • V3 • V3 • V4 • V5 Jinsei Entama Hanerutch 2 • Home Deka v2 • Jinsei Entama
  2. Why thank you! Yes, I'm super excited to start this little one up this weekend
  3. Update: So, it turns out that I was irked greatly that the P2 I bought was not a true OG... so I bought myself a P1 (and this one has working batteries!)
  4. My bad! It is a P2. I was thrown off a little as it says 1996 on the back of the tama's shell. And thanks! can't go wrong with a Super Mario mousepad!
  5. Another little guy turned up today! Ordered this one from Japan, and it only took five days to arrive in the UK (which I'm still shocked about) My very first 1996 tama!
  6. Some little additions to my modest collection 👏👏 3x 20th Anniversary 1x Deka
  7. Thank you, @Eggiweg! It's burned into my brain and I don't think I'll ever forget it
  8. My first was the red v2 with white arrows. Loved it to pieces (literally... the buttons all fell out when I wore it on a lanyard at a kids squishy indoor play park. I still mourn.)
  9. me looking at my bank balance after I spend 30 minutes on the Japan You Want website:

    tamagotchi GIF

  10. For me, it was the day I had finally saved up (almost) enough money buy my first tamagotchi. I used to get 50p every once in a while as pocket money, and I had saved up a grand total of £12.50 (tamas were around £13/14 at the time, I think). I was 9/10 years old, and had no real concept of what was expensive and what wasn't, so to see I was a pound short both terrified me and made me extremely impatient. I went to my mother and grovelled at her feet so she would give me the £1 I was missing. She conceded (in what I thought was the biggest act of generousity at the time), and drove me to Argos. It was here I got my very first tama, a red v2. I loved that little thing with all my heart. I took it to restaurants, on holidays, to school... until it was stolen from my desk during a lesson and I knew it was the boy who sat next to me. That evening I gathered my parents to go and knock on the boys door and got it back (screw you, Bradley!). My little Ichigotchi was barely hanging on, but I was triumphant Any memory of my little Version 2 is nostalgic to me! ♥
  11. I've just bought an OG 1996 Tamagotchi from Japan. Gonna clean that puppy up and make it look as good as new. I might post pictures of the process when it arrives :)

  12. My v4 and 20th Anniversary just arrived!! Didn't realise the latter was so tiny :D

    1. Penguin-keeper


      Yeah, the 20th Anniversary release was a reworked version of the Tamagotchi Mini (which I gather that the UK didn't get in its original 2005 form), so they're really dinky little things! They're super-cute, though, I think. :D

    2. Dragonboy


      Yeah I can't say I recall a Mini ever making its way to the UK. I was so shocked to see a tama so small! I want to collect all of them now :newmametchi:

  13. Do you ever just daydream about hopping back to 2004/5 and badgering your child self into buying as many Tamagotchi's as possible, rather than just the one? No? Just me? 😬

    1. tamagotchigeek14


      OMG YES. Because seriously you go on amazon and they are expensive. I wish I had snapped up as many as possible back then. 

    2. Dragonboy


      Right! I'm constantly hunting on ebay for pre-loved tamagotchi's. Though I'd absolutely LOVE to buy some unopened ones, but they go for upwards of £90!

    3. Knighttchi's Ballad

      Knighttchi's Ballad

      If I had bought more tamas as a kid, I'd probably have a Music Star and a Tama-Go today XD. Tamas are super expensive on Amazon because they only have unopened ones; Ebay is way better especially for Japanese tamas. I got most of my collection from Ebay. Another great dedicated website for virtual pets of all kinds is Japan You Want, especially since their prices are often reasonable for what they carry.

  14. 15 years of Tamatalk! Holy moly. 2004 seems like only yesterday.

  15. Just got back from my town centre. Scoured every charity shop, and nada, zilch! I might see if any of my local schools are holding any open fairs any time soon. It's lovely weather down in the SE so I'm sure there must be some. Failing that there's always a Sunday bootfair