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  1. I wish the TamaTalk Arcade still existed :

    1. Tinkalila


      me too, i miss it. :c but if you just wanna play online minigames, you can always go to a website like miniclip!!

  2. January 16th will be my 11th TamaTalk anniversary. That makes me feel a tadge old. haha!

  3. I never noticed... It's officially been 10 years since I joined TamaTalk. Wow.

  4. I bought two more v3's from eBay. Good lord.

  5. Yep. This guy. Got him when I was... oh boy...Eight? So, twelve years ago. I lost him as I was growing up, but nostalgia drove me to buy the same design from ebay. Red v2 with white arrows. This was taken today. I brought the little tyke to work.
  6. I got back into Tamas this past week, and after my friend noticicing, she came to me with her own v3 and we spent the day connecting our tamas and such. Then, she came to me the next day and asked if I had a spare Tama lying around, so her mum could have one too. Not everyone is close minded.
  7. My first tama was the same design as my current v2. I took it to a kiddie play center called "Kid City". It was like a whole place with climbing frames and ball pits. I had the tama on a lanyard around my neck, and when we left Kit City, I noticed that the middle button had fallen out. I was completely devastated.
  8. 20, still got tamagotchi's. Been in love with them since I was only a little tyke. Currently at work, with my v2 on my lap. Playing with it at every given chance
  9. Tempted to get one of these high tech COLOURED tamagotchi's that all the kids are raving about. Though, I am content with my darling little v2. Just plodding along :)

    1. Arhalidin


      Now I understand why people collect. THIS 4U+ ISN'T ENOUGH

  10. Obviously I crush on my boyfriend. He's my soulmate. Then there's the 'celebrity' crush. I'd say Mark Fishbach. He seems so dang charming. If you're thinking non fictional - then I'd say Gaara from Naruto.
  11. I went through a Tamagotchi phase about two years ago, and hopped to my nearby Argos to grab myself a Tama Friends. I loved it, and even made a review about the little thing on this forum. Well, I lost interest (sadly) due to the fact I had about five Tama's on the go, which was too much for me. I'm pretty feeble :^) Two years later, I found the Tamagotchi Friends deep in my cupboard. With the batteries still inside. I opened the compartment to change the batteries and start playing again, only to find they had leaked all across and inside the damned thing. Soo, dead tama. RIP in Peaces you darling soul.
  12. It's been another two years since I was last here... oops.

  13. If I was to get a new tamagotchi for my collection, what would be the best value for money?

    1. furbitchi


      Tamagotchi 4U maybe for value as it combines p's and idl into one while beignet eh newest and has more characters which are downloadable from your phone.

    2. derekq


      Hmmm are the id l games and p's games in it though and ya how large the strorge amount?

  14. That's quite touching, to think that Tamagotchi's can be there in your time of need. Well, to be honest, they are. And it's sweet. I've found lately that I've grown very close to my electronic pets. When me and my boyfriend are being all cute and snuggly, and I hear one of my Tama's call for me from the other side of the room, I leap out of bed and rush to its side (much to the annoyance of my boyfriend.) I know it's not exactly a time of need, but it makes me realise how dear my Tamagotchi's are to me.