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  1. Dragonboy

    Do you remember your first tama?

    Yep. This guy. Got him when I was... oh boy...Eight? So, twelve years ago. I lost him as I was growing up, but nostalgia drove me to buy the same design from ebay. Red v2 with white arrows. This was taken today. I brought the little tyke to work.
  2. I got back into Tamas this past week, and after my friend noticicing, she came to me with her own v3 and we spent the day connecting our tamas and such. Then, she came to me the next day and asked if I had a spare Tama lying around, so her mum could have one too. Not everyone is close minded.
  3. My first tama was the same design as my current v2. I took it to a kiddie play center called "Kid City". It was like a whole place with climbing frames and ball pits. I had the tama on a lanyard around my neck, and when we left Kit City, I noticed that the middle button had fallen out. I was completely devastated.
  4. 20, still got tamagotchi's. Been in love with them since I was only a little tyke. Currently at work, with my v2 on my lap. Playing with it at every given chance
  5. Dragonboy

    Who do you have a crush on?

    Obviously I crush on my boyfriend. He's my soulmate. Then there's the 'celebrity' crush. I'd say Mark Fishbach. He seems so dang charming. If you're thinking non fictional - then I'd say Gaara from Naruto.
  6. Dragonboy

    RIP my Tama Friends.

    I went through a Tamagotchi phase about two years ago, and hopped to my nearby Argos to grab myself a Tama Friends. I loved it, and even made a review about the little thing on this forum. Well, I lost interest (sadly) due to the fact I had about five Tama's on the go, which was too much for me. I'm pretty feeble :^) Two years later, I found the Tamagotchi Friends deep in my cupboard. With the batteries still inside. I opened the compartment to change the batteries and start playing again, only to find they had leaked all across and inside the damned thing. Soo, dead tama. RIP in Peaces you darling soul.
  7. That's quite touching, to think that Tamagotchi's can be there in your time of need. Well, to be honest, they are. And it's sweet. I've found lately that I've grown very close to my electronic pets. When me and my boyfriend are being all cute and snuggly, and I hear one of my Tama's call for me from the other side of the room, I leap out of bed and rush to its side (much to the annoyance of my boyfriend.) I know it's not exactly a time of need, but it makes me realise how dear my Tamagotchi's are to me.
  8. Yo. My Mametchi is 7 years old now, on my Friends. I cant find out how to get the matchmaker to visit, even after scouring the internet. Does the matchmaker even exist on this thing? Thanks
  9. Dragonboy

    Tamagotchi Friends ... Worst Version Yet?

    Never goes completely off, just the background that disappears, so it looks like the connexion generation of Tamas. I kinda wish there was the option to turn backgrounds off and on, hehe.
  10. Dragonboy

    •○The Quote Game○•

    Good to see you guise are havin fun.
  11. Dragonboy

    What's your fav tamagotchi and why?

    I started with the v2 as I was only about 2 when the original came out, and I think it's still my favorite. My old best friend back in primary school had a pink 96 original which I tried out, but I still preferred my v2. I like them all, besides my personal vendetta against the TF! C:<
  12. Dragonboy

    Tamagotchi Friends ... Worst Version Yet?

    He gets VERY clouded by background items. When the Tama goes idle (don't press any of the buttons for ages) the background actually disappears and you can see him, but the second you press a button his little pixel-room appears. Was barely able to pick him up on my camera, even with a macro lens o3o"
  13. Dragonboy

    Tamagotchi Friends ... Worst Version Yet?

    Thanks for the responses guys. I know my view on the device is entirely biased, as I am more of an old school Tamagotchi fan than anything, but that doesn't mean I hate the TF! I mean, it is still a Tamagotchi! I personally am just not used to change... I mean look at this little guy, he's so happy! Sorry if I came across a little harsh about it, but as I said, change is something I'm not fond of. But hey, this is a discussion, right? And I felt the need to discuss the cons (and pros) of the TF
  14. The 'Tamagotchi Friends' - Now, I've had my TF for roughly a week now, and my opinions of it have gone up and down, and for many reasons. I was in my local Tesco some time last week, and I decided then I wanted a new Tamagotchi. I had just found my love for the old toys and thought it a great way to restart my Tama family by buying the newest model. This Tesco didn't sell them, so off I drove to the nearest superstore - Argos. Flipping through their hefty catalog, eventually I settled on the page of electronic pets, and right in the corner, tucked away, was the TF. Instantly my heart sunk, but only a little. It warmed my heart that a decade later, this store still sold Tamagotchis, but at the same time I was sad at how much room the pictures didn't take up. It was like they were no longer important. Drilling in its 7 digit number into a small machine, I was relieved to see they had three in stock, probably of various colours. What shocked me the most? It cost £25.00. That's a whole £13.00 more expensive than they were when I was small. Or more, even! Needless to say my drive to own one of these things was crazy, so I went ahead and bought one. I wasn't given a choice of colours, and got given the purple gem one. I opened the velcro cover and stared at it as I walked slowly back to my car. It was ugly. No, seriously. It was massive, thick, with cheap looking colours. Like someone had coloured it in sharpie. It was like the guys who came up with the design forgot their original ideas. These little things were made for pockets, and this thing would never fit into a 10 year olds trousers, shirt or coat. I got home, sat on the sofa with my 14 year old sister, who started talking about Tamagotchi's herself, and how she was 7 when she played with them. (She's four years younger than me) After opening up the garish looking pet, I took the back off, only to discover it no longer took 3v batteries. I suppose it was a good thing, since they were a pain to get hold of in my area. After putting different batteries in (since it didn't come with any) the thing groggily burst to life, and my heart sunk even more. I've never heard such horrid sounds in my life. It's like it's little sound chip was being thrown into a blender over and over and then being force to bleat out some notes. If you compare the sounds this thing made to the v5, it makes the v5 sounds like 1000 singing angels and the TF sound like a dying cat. Literally. I always know when the TF needs me because all I can here is the out of tune, tinny sounds from the depths of my bag, which is where I find myself leaving it most of the time. I don't know if it's just mine that has bad sounds, but it's an earache I'll tell you now. I feel that Bandai had so much possibility, especially with the technology we have these days. They could have made it amazing. There could be so many more features... Anyway; Pros: I'm sure it can take a hit Pixel depth New characters There are some new features Revival of original Tamagotchi games (♫ get) Can change contrast Cons: Poor sound quality Poor paint quality Too big for a normal pocket Too much going on to be able to see Tama (contrast change does not help) Infra-Red is no more, bump connection instead (AKA no backwards compatibility) Now, just because I've slated so much about this device, that it means it's 100% bad, right? Well, not exactly.. I mean, mine evolved into a rather strapping looking Mametchi, who calls me to him just to let me know he loves me, and it makes my heart ache to think he's stuck on such a poorly made bit of tech. Conclusion: Looks ★★☆☆☆ Quality ★★☆☆☆ Content ★★★☆☆ Overall ★★★☆☆ Please don't slate my post/topic too much, I just needed to majorly vent my opinions on the Tamagotchi Friends. [edit- spelling mistakes]