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  1. Just got back from my town centre. Scoured every charity shop, and nada, zilch! I might see if any of my local schools are holding any open fairs any time soon. It's lovely weather down in the SE so I'm sure there must be some. Failing that there's always a Sunday bootfair
  2. Oh man I am so jealous! That is quite literally my hopes and dreams for going exploring in local charity shops. I do try to visit local boot fairs as often as I can, but I've yet to find any tamas!
  3. I'm always popping into my local charity shops on the lookout for tamagotchi's. It's gotten to the point where I've been dreaming about finding one. 🙃 One day, maybe!
  4. Oh, these are very cute! I saw this adorable little pin on reddit a while back, and honestly this one with a little kitty cat is really nice. I'd love to get some made myself, but I can never warrant spending upwards of £75 for 100 or so pins 😞
  5. A moments silence for my V3 which has decided it no longer wants to work (even with a brand new battery). RIP you glorious tama. 


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    2. Dragonboy


      I wish I could try the same thing but I think it's 12 years of being in a drawer that killed this little one 😢

    3. Eggiweg


      Aww, RIP.  The screen and buttons all look fine though.  Maybe try readjusting the metal battery contacts?  Many people have reported this type of problem with their tama.


    4. Dragonboy


      I did just that! The metal contacts had what I'm assuming is a little bit of battery juice on them, gave them a quick clean and also bent them upwards a little more. The v3 has been working strong since then. Thanks for the suggestion :)

  6. Got my fingers crossed for an eventual EU release... Also it's hella chunky. I dream of a day we return to connexion form factor 🤞 either way this looks real neat!
  7. I'm feeling real nostalgic... might boot up my v2 when I'm home 😃

  8. I wish the TamaTalk Arcade still existed :

    1. Tinkalila


      me too, i miss it. :c but if you just wanna play online minigames, you can always go to a website like miniclip!!

  9. January 16th will be my 11th TamaTalk anniversary. That makes me feel a tadge old. haha!

  10. I never noticed... It's officially been 10 years since I joined TamaTalk. Wow.

  11. I bought two more v3's from eBay. Good lord.

  12. Yep. This guy. Got him when I was... oh boy...Eight? So, twelve years ago. I lost him as I was growing up, but nostalgia drove me to buy the same design from ebay. Red v2 with white arrows. This was taken today. I brought the little tyke to work.
  13. I got back into Tamas this past week, and after my friend noticicing, she came to me with her own v3 and we spent the day connecting our tamas and such. Then, she came to me the next day and asked if I had a spare Tama lying around, so her mum could have one too. Not everyone is close minded.
  14. My first tama was the same design as my current v2. I took it to a kiddie play center called "Kid City". It was like a whole place with climbing frames and ball pits. I had the tama on a lanyard around my neck, and when we left Kit City, I noticed that the middle button had fallen out. I was completely devastated.