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  1. Do you ever just daydream about hopping back to 2004/5 and badgering your child self into buying as many Tamagotchi's as possible, rather than just the one? No? Just me? 😬

    1. tamagotchigeek14


      OMG YES. Because seriously you go on amazon and they are expensive. I wish I had snapped up as many as possible back then. 

    2. Dragonboy


      Right! I'm constantly hunting on ebay for pre-loved tamagotchi's. Though I'd absolutely LOVE to buy some unopened ones, but they go for upwards of £90!

    3. Knighttchi's Ballad

      Knighttchi's Ballad

      If I had bought more tamas as a kid, I'd probably have a Music Star and a Tama-Go today XD. Tamas are super expensive on Amazon because they only have unopened ones; Ebay is way better especially for Japanese tamas. I got most of my collection from Ebay. Another great dedicated website for virtual pets of all kinds is Japan You Want, especially since their prices are often reasonable for what they carry.