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    I love all sports except soccer but i can stand it. My friends say i sing like Kelly Clarkson cause i have an amazing voice!

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  1. mine r: 1. Walk Away- Paula DeAnda and the Dey 2. Walk It Out-DJ Unk 3.My Love-Justin Timberlake
  2. hum... have u told anyone else this? they might know what the problem is... Like family members... -Lindsay
  3. here is a poem post if u like it or not If i told you how i feel what would you like to know? You're my heat on a cold day with snow. You're the fire of my heart the beat of my soul the warm summer water my fireplace of coal You opened my heart to who you really are i'll always love you if you're near or far -Lindsay
  4. that was FABULOUS! and i write some too...
  5. it's real good what do u think of mine... listen to what i have to say i love u like this just this way ur special to me u noe it's true that's the reason i love u!
  6. Ok, I like this guy named Ryan... (as u can tell by my name) and now everyone knows and i didn't tell anyone and i want to know who it is... so what should i do? please either message me or post a reply (mostly message me)