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  1. I speak a bit of Chinese and a bit of French... but I can speak Pig Latin really well! Also I can say 1 word in Italian
  2. I have no problem if you like him... but I don't really. :]
  3. YAY I would love to get some! They are really confortable I know that for sure!
  4. Music Singing GreenDay My friends Homework?
  5. That is awesome Meowbark! Uhm... What is that song called? I love the song with that kind of theme... Wonderful!
  6. Right... whoever Smosh is if they stabbed pickachu I am very disappionted... You'd think they would know better than to stab something. Anyway Toys have feelings too just because they can't eat or speak or move doesn't mean they don't have feelings. Well I see them as having feelings. No offence I didn't really like the video. Sorry
  7. Just write your feelings for her then under that or on another peice of paper write words that rhyme and make up a melody and sing it... But promise me you'll practice first PLEASE... Just incase you stuff up
  8. My teacher is a crack up... he is really funny! We got homework though But not much and it was really easy! We had to glue the Australian Flag. It was hard but good. I missed homework. And I am in a class with every one of my friends! And they were all great. I missed everything about school... even the work.
  9. When I sing I have to hear myself otherwise I go crazy... same with when I talk
  10. I was in the safe sot when we were playing tag once and Sophie said Caitlin you have to run around... so I stared running around in circles. Poor Sophie... She is so good to put up with me. I am very weird... I also just talk excessively and then I go "You think i'm weird now don't you?" Yay for randomness!
  11. OK My best subject is English And my worst is Maths I love going to school because I get to see my friends and hopefully tomorrow i'll see some new faces in my class. My teahcer is Mr Fedorniak and I have to be good this year because I don't want to get into any trouble... I don't know for sure but i've heard that he can be mean but I don't belive it he's actually really nice to me and my friends. Yay for grade 6!
  12. Funny. I used to have a bird the always pooped on me and the lounge... Then my dad found him dead in the bottom of the cage on a really hot summer day... I have a budgie now and she doesn't poop on people so I think you could live with her...
  13. I don't know if the wiggles really are evil but it seems like it. I used to really like them but then I guess they reminded me of clowns... *Shudder* At school I swear I saw their red car...
  14. I'm not scared of animals. As long as I know about them and what they're capable of I have no fear what so ever!
  15. I look really weird with my hair in a ponytail. So I wear it in either plaits or piggytails. But I think I look best with it straight down.