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  1. soobeth1997 Me is proud!
  2. soobeth1997 Me is proud!
  3. Boo and Bolly evolved into, wait for it, Boo evelved into a young Mimchi Bolly evolved into a Young Memetchi I am sooo happy!! Byrn evolved into a wierd flying thing. Thanks to all those who helped me with how to make characcter into the desired.
  4. Sorry that I havn't posted for a while, i was on my hols. Here is a update; Baby of Addy is a Haruchi Baby of Alex is a Mizutamachi Addy and alex mated. Adele died due to lack of care from my brother. Ally had a baby with a Mametchi. They are now called; Boo (My V4) (female) Bolly (Brothers V4) (female) Byrn (Brothers V3) (male) I can't remember what my v3 (female) is called since it is on pause until Byrn is a teenager. Please suggest names begging with C.
  5. Please post how to get mimchi mametchi and furawatchi..
  6. Ally and Adele have left their parents!! I will go and see her grandparents soon at Tamatown!
  7. Here is a update; Ally and Alex are both in school BUT alex goes with this sunflower thing, what is this?? Ally and Adele are still withe their parents, due to my brothers resetting! Please reply,
  8. HI, it is super to see everyone voting, please sign your name and how many points you have if you wish *wacko*
  9. Please only be honest, and only reply about neopets items, and if you want to trade etc. I am collecting petpets, if you have one for sale, please PM me on neopets, at soobeth I will pay anything up to 20000. Remember, my user name is soobeth any messages etc are accepted.
  10. Mine is ; soobeth Please check my look-up out and guess how much dosh I have on the board!!
  11. Hello and welcome to a new day!!! My brother actidentally reset and dowleaded the babies, ally and adele. so they are still with their parents. Thats ok as they are BOTH with their parents. Addy and Alex are faring well, and I hope you enjoyed the tip!!
  12. TAMA TIP; If you have 2 or more V4's or 2 or more V3's or V2's and have a expensive item or a love potion ect. then wrap it up, connect with the same version and wait for it to give the other one the present. After it is given then resent and download your tama, you will find that your tama has the item wrapped and the other has it. Unwrap it or repeat the process if you don't want to to enter a shop code and have to buy it after.
  13. Both addy and alex are in pre school!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! forgot to tell u that eariler
  14. sorry for replying twice computer blipped!