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  1. i haven't been here in forever! the site looks awesome! ❤️

    1. Nazotchi25


      yeah the update has been around since December, glad to say it went off with minimal problems too!
      Admin did some great work

  2. merry christmas eve!!!! :D

  3. I'm obsessed with the new tamagotchi mini's!! Can't believe they're selling them in my local toys r us again! :]

    1. Keegui


      They are the cutest little buggers! I can't wait to snag one, myself! ♥

  4. i'm done my first year of uni!! hi guys havent been here in a loong time

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    2. complete_tama_fanatic


      Hi booboo1! You may have forgotten that I told you calm down about ten years ago, when I was the one who-- indeed-- needed to calm down. I wanted to know that I apologize for my rash 13-year-old behavior. It was very silly of me.


      (Oh yeah, and welcome back!)

    3. booboo1


      Hey guys!!

      And oh my gosh LMFAO!! I can't believe you remember that! That's hilarious, and thanks for the warm welcome back!!

    4. Nazotchi25


      Welcome back to the forum Boo

  5. Happy Birthday :) Enjoy your day!

  6. Happy birthday! Hope you have a great one. :)

    1. booboo1


      omg thank you so much! i didn't think anyone would wish me a happy birthday :')

  7. i can't believe macklemore is on tamatalk

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    2. TamaLey


      Ahh ok lol.

    3. booboo1


      what no it's not

    4. SugaryGoesRAWR


      a throwback to peaceful times [that sounded so sarcastic it wasnt meant like that,,,]

  8. Wow! Happy birthday Tamatalk! ^u^ I'm so happy that our community is still going strong. Gosh, 11 years ago I was 6 years old, just starting out my collection and love for tamagotchi's! Thank you so much Admin for keeping the site updated and running!
  9. I was 8 years old, I've no idea. I was weird I regret it so much now but I can't be bothered to make a new account.
  10. Kitchen Sink by twenty one pilots is hella emotional
  11. ACNL is my favourite! ^u^ I've been playing since it came out, my dream address is 4500 2291 8781 if anyone wants to visit my town! I have all of the games, and played the one for Gamecube since I was a little kid. I love all of the games so much. c:
  12. Shrimp (don't know why i thought of that word!) : I love eating shrimp??? C:
  13. I think Kuriten is really cute! I love the shape of her head and the lil swirl on it. >w<