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    WORDS THAT DESCRIBE ME: Mentally Retarded! Insane! Hyper! Excited! Annoying! Spazzy! Awesome! Weird! Psychopathic!<br><br>More about me:<br><br> I know a band named Crystal Clear Bling!!!! They are trying to set a record for Youngest Band Ever!! THEIR WEBSITE IS IN MY SIG!!!! CLICK ON IT!!!!!! PLEASE WRITE IN THE GUESTBOOK!!!!!! AND DOWNLOAD THEIR SONGS TOO!!!!!<br><br> I like to wear black with little hot pink accents. I am obsessed with music and summer. AND HYPERNESS DUUUH!!!!I figure skate too and I always want hyper jumpy crazy music for my program but my coach hates that stuff. -_- oh well<br><br>

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  1. Webpage!!! Its funner!!! WYR get a new sibling or a new grandparent?
  2. Do you honestly think I can read that??!!!
  3. Coke- Kill (although I like all sodas but I have to kill one of them) Dr. Pepper-MARRY!!!!! FAVORITE SODA!!! Pepsi- Kiss Pillsbury Dough Boy, Energizer Bunny, Apple Jacks apple.
  4. Dating isn't appropriate for sixth graders, although I know this girl who got her first boyfriend after getting out from fifth grade!!! I think you shouldn't start until high school. I'm in 8th grade, and some people do have boyfriends, but most people put it off till high school. It's totally inappropriate for sixth grade.
  5. EVeryone at my school has a cold now. EVERYONE! I don't know, either I just don't remember or this never happened before. It's freaky.
  6. Holy crap. I never have ANY coincidences like that in my life!
  7. I'm just going to dress decora. It's a japanese style that's really bright and crazy and too flashy for school, but I like it so I'm saving it for Halloween!
  8. What an idiot. Ken was stupid to have got with her anyway!!!
  9. A mosquito...that's got to me the most common thing people get bitten by at this time of year!
  10. I get to be home alone maybe once a month. It's fun because I can be as crazy as I want...and nobody's even watching! Once when I was young and I stayed home alone, I started swearing over and over again for no reason, just because nobody could hear me!!!
  11. Monday! Because it's the beginning of the school week! And tomorrow is my first day of school..and today's monday so that's another reason to hate monday.
  12. Kokomo on a boat Goin' Crazy on a boat (heh!) Realize on a boat Dreamer on a boat Me and My Gang on a boat (oookay..)
  13. I would like to die in any way that is not painful or uncomfortable. Even though I haven't died, I envy those small bugs like fruit flies, because if someone smushes them, they don't even know they're about to die, and then when they're dead they don't know it either! I want to die like that. And I want to die after I'm 100, if possible.