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  1. My tamagotchis are usually next to me or on this lamp table I have. Cotton PS: Don't worry, everybody makes mistakes!
  2. Yes, you can connect your version to other versions to the opposite gendered character, and you are sure to have babies when your character is about at the adult stage. When you select "Work" and a square comes up with moving lines on it, press the A button to continue to Work. I hope you understand! Cotton
  3. This may help you: Also, this topic may be handy: Hope you find these helpful! Nice day! Cotton
  4. Old or young, there is no age limit for playing with tamagotchis! Some retired people like to sit at home playing with tamagotchis, and some young kids like to play with their tamagotchis whenever they have the time. Don't think that you're getting too old to play with tamagotchis! They're for mostly everybody! Nothing is too childish for somebody to enjoy or play with. Everybody is entitled to their own opinions, and my opinion is "Old or young, there is no age limit for playing with tamagotchis!" I hope you understand my thoughts. Cotton
  5. Each person has their own care for tamagotchis. It depends on your opinion and your character. You decide if the weight amount is reasonable! -Cotton
  6. The total V2 games are Jump Bump Heading Slots But, when your character is a baby, it only ca play Jump. When it is a toddler, Jump and Bump are available to play. When it is a teenager, it can play Jump, Bump, and Heading. And, when it is an adult, Jump, Bump, Heading, and Slots are available to play. I hope you understand. Cotton
  7. I will give you one: When your character is crying, you can praise it, and that is not 'mean' to you, is it? Hope you understand Cotton
  8. The type of the battery is CR2032, like Zachart said, and you can usually find this battery at a electronic store like Radio Shack, a superstore like Target, or a pharmacy like CVS. This battery looks like a small, flat round disk. I hope you understand! Cotton
  9. Yes, a V4 character can "marry" a V3 character. And a Love Potion will speed up the process. -Cotton
  10. That V4.5's bidding is done already! I am going to try to buy one soon!
  11. Here is a topic that may clear the rest of your wonders and questions up: -Cotton
  12. Yes, they can have babies. When you are about to connect, select OTHER for the V3 and the v4. Put then tama together, and they will connect.
  13. The "strawberry" character is called Ichigotchi and it is not a character of the adult stage, it is a teenager. Have fun with your Ichigotchi!
  14. Here are some suggestions: Keep it unpaused when the character is sleeping so it will age more and grow more Feed it and play games with it Do not neglect it Just give it your own kind of tamagotchi care, the best kind, and you should be able to keep Genis with you for a while!Try your best! I hope you understand, and have fun with your tamagotchis!
  15. I think tamagotchis do benefit children in these ways: They CAN help children with responsibility because tama characters may become sick, sad, etc. and children would "learn" more responsibility by being responsible and helping out their tama. Also, children can become more attentive, because being attentive to an unpaused tamagotchi is a serious part of being an owner. More attentiveness is schools and such is very good. Those are two main reasons why I think tamagotchis CAN benefit children. (I hope you understand ) -Cotton
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    This is your opinion; each person is entitled to their own opinions and choices. There really is no "best" jobs in the V 4. It is your choice! Best, Cotton
  17. Yes, you can. Select OTHER in the Connection icon list for the v3 and V4, then connect.
  18. Yes. You do need a mirror to work with the make-up. The make-up will be only one-use, through. When you have a mirror and make-up, your character will look....different.....when you play with the mirror/make-up!!
  19. The teacher does not give you a phone. From entering a code, you receive the cell phone. Here is a topic that might help you: Your character must be an adult to use the cell phone, and the cell phone can be found in your Items inventory. -Cotton
  20. Both tamas have to select OTHER, and the tops of both tamas need to be touching each other. If you did that, one of the tamas may have a connection problem.
  21. There are many different glitches, some are very common, but some are not as common. I have never heard of this, but it does not sound like this glitch is harming your tamagotchi. I hope you do not worry. I have seen stranger glitches than this one!
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    That is good to hear! I did in fact add you. I hope you all enjoy Webkinz.
  23. Huh? That never ever happened to me before. I am sure that the Webkinz constructors are trying to fix all the glitches. Please explain more....
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    I will be your friend, my friend plays with my alley cat sometimes, but my account is bubblewubble - I am very excited about the new Lil'Kinz.
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    It would be cute if I had a Lil'Kinz Alley Cat with my Alley Cat, wouldn't it?