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  1. You are so lucky! I've never ever gone out of Australia, but I would love to go to Japan! You must be really good at Jap to go to Japan! I suck
  2. I've got some matching (kinda) names King & Queen Devil & Angel Bill & Ben Dog & Cat Valen & Tines (get it? Valen-tines!) that's all I can think of right now.
  3. I have a v2 and a v3. I will hopefully be getting a v4 for my birthday in April. I live in australia too, so the v4 isn't out yet.
  4. Topaz just evolved an hour or so ago. She is a Kuchipatchi! Edit: Whoops. I forgot she was a girl!
  5. On valentines day at my high school, they sell roses (6 bucks) and some other flower I've forgotten the name of (4 bucks) and the school captains will secretly deliver them to the class that they're in during 2 and 3
  6. About 3 or 4 years ago my brothers guinea pig was found in his cage lying on his side dead. What was worse was that it was also his birthday and raining too! He had a birthday party too and that was ruined because he was late. We had to bury Blacky before we left and that was really sad. It was the first time I had ever experienced the death of anyone or anything. ***********WORST DAY OF MY BROTHER'S LIFE************** What was the worst Valentines Day you have ever had?
  7. I have a V2 and a V3. I am hoping to get a V4 for my birthday in 2 months
  8. sometimes it varies from tama to tama. You might have also missed the matchmakers visits
  9. I don't think you can get Nazotchi. The only way you will ever see a Nazotchi is on your 'friends list' if you have connected with a tama of a different version or by debugging, I may be wrong
  10. I got my first tama (v2) around November 15 2005. I got it after alot of whining because everyone else in my class had one, but I got it 4 months after tamagotchis were banned.
  11. It doesn't matter what other people think. If you want to get the v4, go ahead. No one's stopping you except yourself. If someone does tease you or pick on you, just ignore them.
  12. I feel very sorry for you, Skippy Tama. I would wish for unlimited wishes, then wish *my three favourite guinea pigs back; Skittles, Lucky, and Snowy *my crush would like me *A version 4 tamagotchi *A later bedtime (bedtime's 8:30 at the moment) *make the U/15 Capricornia girls cricket team, along with Jessica Jorgenson. *PUNTER to win alan border medal tonight *and some stuff for charity, peace and no poverty Ok that's all.
  13. I didn't expect so many people to reply! Well Im clicking on all of your links right now! Check your counters because it just might have ticked over by one.