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  1. it does not matter what your skill points are you need to wait 1 or 2 hours till the kindergarten techer comes!
  2. wow that's old set the time 6:59 2:59 that's how you can help it and it can still get married! hope i helped!
  3. uh... i don't think there is one! why are japenese and are you in japan?!
  4. pockygirl is right! and every body of course knnows tamagotchi's are made from japan! (of course!)
  5. i bring mine to school all the time and i pause it and put it into my backpack! it works!
  6. the matchmaker will come when your 6 or 7! hope i helped!
  7. i never got chocalte from the shop not even today!(2/13/07) but i did get it from the king today!!
  8. well you ether have to turn the time to 6:59 pm or 2:59 wait till another minute and then the match maker will come hope i helped!
  9. thanks every body1 you helped a lot!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. GRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!! my tama won't sleep over my 2 years of having a tama i never had this before! my tama is a baby girl and when it was 10:00 pm it was still awake! it drove me crazy and awake the whole night! please help!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. well it depends your tama transform by how you take care of it! and you get a avartar settings and go to editmy avatar! hope i helped!
  12. well basically when you see one of the dots turn black click the one with the circle black if 2 are black you click both of them at the same time! hope i helped!