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  1. I think 8:58 or 8:59 pm worked as well...I got it when I was trying to get the matchmaker to come.
  2. When you play the teenager game with Mr. Turtle or Mrs. Flower or Mr. Canvas (where you find the pencil or sparkle or flower things) on the tamagotchi itself...is there a pattern? I'm on the first day as a young female mametchi, and the pattern today was C, B, C, C, B, C, A, C, A, C (box #1 being "A" etc.) It seems familiar, and I know for sure that "C" has been the first and most common answer each time I've played this.
  3. It happened to mine, too, on March 26 at 4:30 pm. A big egg with a star on it is in the background, and the tamagotchi character is watching. The egg cracks, I think there is smoke, then a little baby tama pops his head out of the egg and turns left and right. I didn't see an easter bunny.
  4. Very annoying. I suppose when tamatown is complete, it will be time for V5.
  5. 1. They don't need as much care when they are adults. 2. On a weekend, you wouldn't have to pause it at all. 3. My friend puts hers on a keychain which she keeps attached to the belt loop of her jeans. She mutes the sound during class, and keeps it hidden in her pocket. She takes care of it at lunch, in the bathroom, at recess and on the bus. Her school has rules against electronic games, but most teachers don't care as long as the other kids aren't being jealous or fighting or being loud or blocking the hallway. She only shows her two best friends and is discreet about it. 4. I have the time set two hours late on mine, which means it wakes up when I am at lunch, and doesn't go to bed until my bedtime. I keep mine in my purse. You could also get a lanyard, and wear it around your neck like a necklace. 5. If it goes a few hours without care, you might not get as "good" of a character, but it won't die. Leaving it in your locker for a few hours wouldn't kill it.
  6. Thanks! I had accepted a job as a kindergarten teacher without knowing what I was accepting. Bandai should really attach charts like these to tamatown. I have a question: does anyone know how how to raise art points? My friend wants her tamagotchi to be a fashion designer.
  7. I am in America, and it still says "coming soon" for me
  8. They had it almost right. Go here. http://www.freewebs.com/info-tama-wuv/v4gr...artandstuff.htm
  9. Ok, I am brand new at using tamatown.com. I got the tamagotchi version 4 today...I'd played with a version 3 before, but never went to the website. Today, I logged into the site with the password frion the tamagotchi version 4, then got the 9900 points or whatever the limit was. Then I tried to spend the points on a stereo and skates and a ball (I was spending over the point limit... it didn't seem to be counting what I "bought"). I logged out, typed the logout password into the tamagotchi, then typed in the stereo and roller skates passwords. I checked under "items" on the tamagotchi, but the stereo and roller skates were not there. BUT the points that were earned on the site have accumulated on the tamagotchi itself. So...I can get points from tamatown.com, but not prizes? My friend tried to type the passwords for the prizes into her tamagotchi version 4, and she said the items didn't appear on hers, either. Are we doing something wrong?