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  1. Sorry, my host is down. They're not that reliable Google has it cached here: The items are in this link:
  2. You can't get the webpage to load at all or you can't get the code to work?
  3. When you log out of TamaTown you will get a Logout Password. Enter that password into your V4 and the points will be added to your Tamagotchi. You can use the points to buy items from the item shop or items you got from TamaTown (after entering the item password).
  4. I don't have a V3 but I think it works the same way. Try this: http://v3.tamatown.com/cgi-bin/Tamatown.cgi?d=00&a=GI&p=0000000000&u=USER Replace USER with your username and pick an item below and change d=00 to an item's hex number RING hex=8E price=0 CAPE hex=8F price=0 CROWN hex=90 price=0 SKATEBOARD hex=91 price=0 BASEBALL CAP hex=92 price=0 BALLOON hex=92 price=0 TEDDY BEAR hex=94 price=0 LOLLIPOP hex=6B price=0 CANDY hex=6C price=0 CREPE SUZETTE hex=6D price=0 FRIED CHICKEN hex=6E price=0 WAFFLE hex=6F price=0 CHOCOLATE BAR hex=70 price=0 TROPHY hex=9E price=0 GOLDEN TAMAGOTCHI hex=95 price=0 BANDAI hex=9B price=0 BALL hex=00 price=200 PENCIL hex=01 price=110 RC CAR hex=04 price=1000 RC TOY hex=07 price=1500 DARTS hex=0A price=100 BLOCKS hex=0B price=800 LIONDOLL hex=40 price=1400 ROLLERSKATES hex=43 price=1800 ACTION FIGURE hex=44 price=1400 RARE SHOES hex=97 price=0 SUITCASE hex=9D price=0 SUNGLASSES hex=03 price=800 BOW hex=09 price=500 CAP hex=0C price=700 BOW TIE hex=0D price=700 WINGS hex=0E price=1000 MAKE-UP hex=23 price=80 UMBRELLA hex=41 price=500 SHIRT hex=2D price=1000 SHOES hex=31 price=1900 RARE CD hex=96 price=0 MICROPHONE hex=9C price=0 BOOM BOX hex=24 price=1400 DRUM hex=48 price=1600 MUSIC hex=4A price=1500 MUSIC DISC hex=2B price=500 TRUMPET hex=47 price=1800 CELLPHONE hex=87 price=0 BICYCLE hex=88 price=0 PLANT hex=4B price=0 FISHING POLE hex=1F price=0 FAMOUS PICTURE hex=9F price=0 SKIS hex=89 price=0 PALM TREE hex=8A price=0 SURF BOARD hex=8B price=0 PANDA BEAR hex=8C price=0 MARACAS hex=8D price=0 PIZZA hex=37 price=140 SODA hex=4F price=120 CORN DOG hex=38 price=100 DRUMSTICK hex=27 price=200 SAUSAGE hex=57 price=110 TACOS hex=56 price=150 JUICE hex=26 price=80 BURGER hex=1D price=180 SANDWICH hex=29 price=160 FRIES hex=1E price=80 POPCORN hex=5A price=90
  5. Did you enter the bottom password first then the top password? http://v4.tamatown.com/cgi-bin/JinSei.cgi?c=1&p=(BottomPassword)(TopPassword)&u=USER&h=0&a=0&g=99&t=0&d=0000
  6. I made a quick and dirty guide on my website. It shows the details on how I got the information and how you can generate your own passwords using tamatown.com * Edit: List of V4 HEX numbers for each souvenir : http://www.tamatalk.com/IB/index.php?showt...dpost&p=1139898 * * Edit: V3 HEX numbers for items & souvenirs: http://www.tamatalk.com/IB/index.php?showt...dpost&p=1154481 *
  7. Basically the HEX number on a Tamagotchi is the item's number. Each item has it's own number but it's in Hexadecimal format. I used a packet sniffer to see what webpages TamaTown accesses and took at a look at them. When you're changing areas in TamaTown and it says Loading, your computer downloads the webpage/flash movies and you don't know what files loading. The packet sniffer tells me the names of the files. One file had most of the items (there's some not listed) and their numbers. Usually the item numbers go in numerical order. In hex, numbers start from 0-9 then A B C D E F. I found out that it accesses another script that takes your User Name and Password and creates logout passwords. You can type in how much GP you want (up to 9900) and what items you want (up to 10 items), after that it'll generate you the passwords like the ones you see when you logout but in plain text. I can create a tutorial later to show you how it worked.
  8. There might be other prerequisites to get the items like having a parent or grandparent. I'm not sure yet. I don't think you can travel yet, the site says "Coming Soon" or I'm doing something wrong. I got my V4 about 4 days ago. I figured out how to get the TamaTown site to generate almost any item/souvenir password and GP logout passwords.
  9. I've found these souvenirs below. The numbers to the right of the souvenir is the item's HEX number. Entering the password for items 10-17 gave me an error. Maybe my Tamagotchi needs to be higher than gen 1. 1. Passport 1080 2. Brochure 1081 3. Car 1082 4. Picture Book 1083 5. Organ 1084 6. Graduation Cap 1085 7. Graduation Cape 1086 8. Dumbells 1087 9. Treadmill 1088 10. ??? 1089 11. ??? 108A 12. ??? 108B 13. ??? 108C 14. ??? 108D 15. ??? 108E 16. ??? 108F 17. ??? 1090 18. Stamp 1091 19. Box 1092 20. Smoothie 1093 21. Jug of Milk 1094 22. Hammer 1095 23. Ladder 1096 24. Drill 1097 25. Poster 1 1098 26. Poster 2 1099 27. Photo ID 109A 28. Action Figure 109B 29. Gold Disk 109C 30. Wedding Dress 109D 31. Trophy 109E 32. Lap Top PC 109F