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  1. v4guy


    I seriously think 3D is over-used and overrated.
  2. I'm really not excited for the 3DS. 3D is getting overused (with the exception of Hubble 3D)... First movies, then TV and now the DS? This is too much...
  3. RECENTLY: TV Show King 2 for WiiWare (playing it with my dad). It got turned off because my dad was leading by over $60,000 and the person in 4th place got swap cash...
  4. I kind of agree. CN cancelled all the awesome shows like Courage, My Gym Partner's a Monkey, and LOSE just to put on retarded shows like ones based off of toys(I'm onto you, BF5!), and mostly the awesome shows have been Chowder, Flapjack, Adventure Time(soon!) and the Secret Saturdays.
  5. THIS IS TEH TRAILER If you don't watch the show, you wouldn't get it.
  6. v4guy

    JtHM movie

    If you don't know what JtHM is, I suggest you search it on Wikipedia, or just go here. It says on that page that a JtHM movie is planned for 2012. IS IT TRUE BECAUSE I HOPE SO!!! PLEASE MAKE IT TRUE JHONEN!
  7. v4guy


    If you haven't seen Avatar yet, I highly suggest it.
  8. Paper Mario the Thousand Year Door Chapter 8 just after you come out of the building from defeating Gloomtail "Beldam:It is us,the Shadow Sirens, and this freak in a sheet. Doopliss: uh...my name's Doopliss."
  9. The Legend of Spyro: A New Beginning. It's more like a movie with few parts of suckish gameplay. The original Spyro games were better!
  10. THE BEST ED EDD N EDDY EPISODE EVER!!! anyone agree?
  11. Family Guy and I'm working in Flash to make Pukey Chibi the Movie.
  12. Seriously??? Please comment.
  13. I know the plot of it from when I went and saw the Toy Story double feature,they showed a preview for it. The plot of it is: Andy is off to college (you think he'd want to be called Andrew by now?) so he donates all his toys to a daycare so the toys plan to escape.
  14. The marvelous return of The Ripto Show!