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  1. The case design has absolutly nothing to do with the characters. Characters depend on skill points and well being.
  2. That happened to my friends tama she had to reset the whole tama before the sound was back to normal.
  3. BINARY! anyone can do this so why would bandi make a "glitch" that anyone can make happen?! a glitch is something you cant make happen!
  4. i made my tama eat the ball and it didn't freeze. and if it does you press the reset button and then go to download! And if it was a glitch how can you make it happen by your self! Glitchs are things that you don't make happen to your tama!
  5. READ ALL OF THIS BEFORE YOU TRY THE CHEAT!! All right, so I was looking on the web for some Tama cheats. Now I don't usually use cheats but this one was interesting and after I read EVERYTHING on how to do it, I tried it. First I will tell you what I did. 1. I kept changing the shop and buying every food item in the shop untill I had about 10 meals and snack together (To delete the food go to where you wrap the gifts and press (a) when you get to wrap? and you can trash it). 2. next I started deleting them without doing anything else like playing a game or something. I just kept deleting the food. 3. Then after I had deleted about 5 or 6 food items (each time making sure I went to food) I saw a ball! In Fact UNLIMITED BALLS!!!!!!!!!!!! You can eat thembut the first few times your screen will freeze and you need to press Reset then download. THen there will be what looks like a point bag and you eat it and it will increase your skill point a few HUNDRED! Email me if you have any questions about this cheat, other cheats, or anything else. It worked on mine, I swear! I hope it works on your tama, too! (NOTE: this is for V4 only)
  6. There have been posts before about that.
  8. No worries! Mine does that too. I guess on some tamas it just sort of "keeps a history" of your parents from before u reset ur tama
  9. Not to be mean or anything but I had a hard time reading the so cloud please learn to spell
  10. Well I think they rock! How about you?
  11. NOOOOOO I have seen it yawn before I am not that new to tamagotchis!! he was not yawning!!!!!!!1