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    my friends on TT are:<br>fun2<br>Black~Heart<br>Acid~Rain<br>tama_talk person<br>jordan380<br>v4master<br>tamaheaven2<br>romanticam<br>.....<br>.....<br>..... Nya nya nya nya nya nya....nya nya.

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  1. This is my collection so far: not pictured is my Familitchi: and then a little close up of my favourite v4.5 and my Ps with the cutest protective case!:
  2. I’ve been listening to a lot of Ted Talk podcasts while doing work/playing games or getting ready. I also like no such thing as a fish! A team who used to work for QI talk about interesting facts, definitely recommend it. Do any of you listen to Podcasts?
  3. I’ve been watching the Marvel series for the first time over quarantine, just finished Infinity War last night! How have I gone so long without watching any of these films?! Theyre so good!!
  4. Have a great day everyone! :) 

    1. Eggiweg
    2. leogames2012


      He do Not Understand Your Have a Great Day everyone.....

  5. Currently reading Michelle Obama’s autobiography. What an amazing woman! It’s been so interesting hearing her side of the story.
  6. I love this game - it’s the first of the AC series I’ve been able to play on release day. I was a bit hesitant about some aspects of the game, and there are definitely things I think could be improved (the ability to craft multiple items.. PLEASE Nintendo), but I love the fact that they can add updates whenever they please. It keeps a lot of the excitement and hype for the game up and really the possibilities are endless! Ive been playing a lot because of lockdown but I find it’s a really helpful distraction to all that is going on at the minute.
  7. This is my first account that I created back in ‘07, I have a lot of memories tied to this website and can still remember the excitement of being able to communicate with people all around the globe. TT was the first website I joined and I can remember everything being so overwhelming at first! 13 years later, I still have my Tamas and thought I would visit this website to see if it was still up and running, and I’m so happy to see that it is
  8. Hello! 

    I’m not sure if you remember me, but I think we used to talk waaaay back when TT was the place to be! Haha. 

    Just hopping down memory lane and wanted to pop in and say hello and wish you well. :) 

  9. Pj top, jeans, dressing gown. Im going down the street with my gran and I just have to stick a coat on. Yes, I am lazy. :U
  10. Well done, I knew you two would make it in somehow or another!
  11. My faveourite book is Poltergoose, it's not really that funny, but it's real interesting, Jimmy mcue. XD But yes, it is really interesting.
  12. 9.5/10 It's cute, but a little blurry. Try saving it as png, and adding .gif to the end of the title.