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  1. gorozutchi

    tama-go recall

    * Moved to What's On Your Mind? forum* I heard on some other places on the internet the Tama-Go got recalled. This was backed up by the fact they appeared on Wal-Mart.com Toysrus.com and other sites before just disappearing. I however think they are just getting preordered and selling out so fast it is impossible to keep up, but even then it would still show up as out of stock. Anyone know anything else? Also, I called Bandai of America Monday and they said they shipped out the Tama-Gos late Saturday night so they would be in most stores Monday or Tuesday but they are still not seen.
  2. gorozutchi

    Tamagotchi angel and p2

    I meant it as like secret and then mimitchi as the website.
  3. gorozutchi

    tamagotchi p2

    Mainly, last time i played with a p2 i was like 6 and do not rememeber anything. I recently bought a new one and it keeps getting sick for no reason, it's about 4 years old and he keeps just having a skull and i've been taking perfect care of it and he's done this 3 times today. Anyone know why?
  4. gorozutchi

    Tamagotchi angel and p2

    I was more of wanting to know the evolution times like 1 hour baby ?? teen ?? adult ?? secret mimitchi hasn't been updated in about 9 years and isn't very helpful.
  5. Does anyone know the evolution times for the angel and the p2? What age does a kid turn into a teen and what ages to secret characters show?
  6. gorozutchi

    Micro Pet TransX Alien

    i went to tamenagerie it has a little article about it no information i pm'd mothra to see if they know anything helpful
  7. gorozutchi

    Tamgotchi angel

    Does anyone have a helpful Angelgotchi site I want one with like actual evolution times such has 1 hour 72 hours and info on how to get the one I want.
  8. gorozutchi

    Micro Pet TransX Alien

    I was on a bid on eBay and there were two Tamagotchis and a Micro Pet TransX Alien. The Tamagotchis are a P1 and P2 and it was a good deal I got 3 pets for 7$. The strange thing is this Micro Pet TransX Alien thing i've never heard of it and can not find anything in a google search worth my time the only thing I found was that it was super rare and the person's favorite right next to this Tamagotchi ufo pet. Does anyone know anything about this a growth chart anything?
  9. gorozutchi

    Micro Pet TransX Alien

    So on eBay there was this bid for a P1 and P2 tamagotchi along with this weird pet called Micro Pet TransX Alien and for 12mins left and a bid of 1.08 I won. Does anyone have any idea what this thing is or some growth charts I only found a website saying after looking for a year someone bought it for a lot of money. I can not find any info on this if anyone has one please help.
  10. gorozutchi

    Digimon tamagotchi

    So who else has one of these? Anyone know any sites for it?
  11. i just got a music star and got a chamametchi it says she's hungry but the food meter won't fill up all i have is the baby food and i have no money to buy other food how do i make her full or make money?
  12. gorozutchi

    tamagotchi v6

    i really liked the V1 and 2 the 3rd one was ok along with the 4th but i hated the V5 is the music one or V6 actually wroth buying or is it like the V4 and 5
  13. i had two v4's and one was 8 years one was 2 and they had a baby how did that happen i thought they both had to be adults
  14. i was trying to marry my mametchi with the female counterpart and i kept getting other tamas now it won't let me do the dating show how long untill i can do it again
  15. gorozutchi

    the tama school

    is there a specific way to play it or is it random i need help