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    Hi! I'm Christina, since you're here, I'll tell you a little about me. I am from California. I absolutely adore tamas and have been collecting since the 90's. I love to crochet tamagotchi cases and have an etsy shop too called Once Upon a Hook & Yarn :)

    If you ever have a question, or just want to say hi, I'm here!

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    I have Tamas of all different versions P2, v2, v3, v4, v4.5, v5, v 5.5, Music star,3 Tama-Go, 2 TMGC Friends, 3 Dream Towns, 2 P's with about 6 peirces, 2 4U+ ,Melody/Spacey M!x, Anniversary Mix, Sanrio Mix, Dream Mix, TONS of the minis from 2017-18 and 6 of the new Original Tamagotchi. I also have a Bobo Panda Byte, Nano Double, Dolphin Aquapet, Giga Pet Salem the Cat, Giga Pet Rugrats and a few other randoms from back in the day.
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    The Dream Mix
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    Gen 1 Rainbow/Unicorn, Gen 2 Green Sparkle, My Tamagotchi app and trying to figure out the new LINE app as well.
  1. I got about 2 weeks out of mine, without connecting to the app. I am debating on getting a set of rechargeables too.
  2. All of the life stages felt like normal to me. I just started mine up a few days ago. I tried the clock pause feature, but once the screen goes black, it takes you back to your tamas room. The daycare feature is available, but with this version, you actually pay and leave your tama at the hotel in the first location you unlock.
  3. That's the same thing I was thinking, but it was near all the back to school stuff, so it kinda makes sense I guess. I'm just happy that more stores are carrying them this time around.
  4. cmarie

    New Tamagotchi LINE App!

    And I'm in!!! Thank you for the help. I just could not figure it out on my own. LOL. A group sounds like fun! What do we need to do? We can add friends?
  5. Six of them LOL. I have learned my lesson in not getting the shells I want right away. I picked out galaxy, green glitter, striped tiger, white with pink charas, rainbow and purple with pink. I was going to get the mermaid too, but the graphic was super grainy looking. All of the new designs have this weird print job, like lines running through the pattern. However, with the brighter and darker colored shells it's less noticeable, unless you're looking way up close. The original solid color shells are perfectly fine and look just like the 90's tamas we remember. I love the galaxy one - the back of the shell is GLITTERY! The green glitter one is amazing too. The glitter is inside the plastic and its clear.
  6. cmarie

    New Tamagotchi LINE App!

    Can someone help me figure out how to get the game going? I downloaded the Line app and don't see it in the list of games. What do I do next?
  7. cmarie

    How do you store your collection? :3

    I keep my P’s and pierces in a small storage organizer I found at michaels in a craft section. It fits both P’s in little sections and I keep my dongle, Peirces, spare battteries, two crochet cases and a few charms in there as well. All boxed items and memorabilia is stored in a clear plastic bin and I also have a second one of those organizers for my Mixes. I’ve always wanted a display, but I really like having them all in one place because if there was ever a fire or disaster we can just grab it and load it up in the car quickly. I would hate to lose my collection as I’ve well over 100 Tama’s that I’ve collected over the years, plus Tama toys and other merch that would be so sad to lose.
  8. That is a great idea too! I bet a camping head flashlight would support it lol.
  9. Confirmation! I walked into the nearby Office Depot this afternoon and picked up all of the colors I had wanted! So freaking excited!!! I’ve never figured out how to share pictures on here, but I just posted them on my Instagram. Just search #theoriginaltamagotchi and you’ll find me
  10. So, I just decided for Halloween this year that I was going to make a Tamagotchi costume. Where I work, we all dress up and pass out candy during a parade of students from our local schools. My idea is to get either foam board or cardboard, cut out the shell and paint it or use large sheet of craft paper to design the shell. I keep going back and forth between creating an actual lighted screen with a drawn character, or creating some sort of cutout to place my ipad behind the board so that I can run the Tamagotchi app as the screen while wearing it. I also found the most perfect leggings today with Digi-Hearts on them just like the meters. Those leggings are pink/purple, I am going to wear a purple wig and use those colors on the shell so that everything matches nicely...maybe a purple case with bright pink buttons. I thought about doing them in the color of my very first tama, but plain white is pretty boring LOL. I think I will probably string up some tamas on a necklace chain to wear like I just stepped out of the 90's as I will probably have to take the board off once I sit down at my desk. (Need to find or make a 90's themed shirt to help create the look) Unless I find a way to make the shell into a shirt or a fabric suit or something. I have so many ideas running through my head and it brought me to wonder, has anyone in here ever created their own Tama-related costume? I'd love to hear your ideas or see photos if you have actually made one!
  11. Another spotting in the wild! I just searched "Tamagotchi original" and saw that Office Depot near me actually has some in stock as of today as well as a Gamestop about an hour away. May be going for a drive this evening if they really do have them out on the floor already! Need to find the Unicorn and Galaxy ones before they are gone LOL. I have a feeling they are going to be popular...
  12. cmarie

    GigapetsARe back?

    Of course! Happy to help. I am right there with you on the competition right now. I'm in the US and anxiously awaiting the 9/30 release so I can be waiting on Gamestop's doorstep that morning LOL. My wallet is feeling it this month with the P1/P2 releases, a pair of meets preordered and now a single giga on order. But it's worth it! I don't want to sit back and miss the wave like I did in years before.
  13. cmarie

    GigapetsARe back?

    I just found these on Insta last night and ordered the Unicorn. So excited to see new digital pets coming back to life! I also saw on their website that they ship worldwide for those asking about other countries. Also if you join their group on Discord via their website invitation, you can speak directly with the developers and other followers. Kinda cool They also respond quickly on Facebook.
  14. cmarie

    !Tamagotchi Instagram Warning!

    Because she is so cuuuute! I've had that profile pic for the longest time.