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  1. mine should be rare then. since ive only just been told how to pause it! hehe
  2. omg, for the first time EVER ive won all the games of bump. faced some freaky looking characters too. hehe. it comes up with trumpets tooting when you win and says 'champion' accress the screen. then gives you 1800p! what happenes when you win other games?
  3. only a few people know i collect them. my other half, one of my good friends and my family, but thats it. its kinda sad for an 18 yea old. hehe
  4. urm. i dont know, but i will try and find out!
  5. yea its real. as long as it has the bandai little red square somewhere on the packaging its real
  6. i had it years and years ago. but i got bored of it and sold it. its ok, gets a bit repetetive though
  7. i think that there are alot more tamas being made for girls than boys, so yea its great for us girls! BUT we gotta thing about the boys aswell. though i spose the camo set could have been made for them :S
  8. i definatly agree with the colour screen idea. that would be great. also some new games and hidden items would be kool.
  9. no it probably wont work. But saying that me and my brother have conextion 2 versions and ours wont link up.
  10. ok we dont get any of those colours in the uk, but from what ive seen i like the blue flower one, its cute!
  11. ive been gone for a while. i broke up with my long term boyfriend a few weeks ago. ive had to sort myself out and tama's have been the last thing on my mind. the fact that we lived together has made it so much harder, because now i need to get all my stuff back. il hopefully start coming online a bit now. Just trying to hold it together. speak to you soon. xxxxx
  12. im lucky that i dont get that problem. im 17 and live with my 23 year old boyfriend. and i thaught he would make fun of me having them, but he's really cool about it! i told him i would like to start collecting them again, and he baught me a devilchi! i think you have to stand up to your friends and family to be honest. just say " look everyone has a hobby, tama's are mine! if you dont like it then dont look! " thats what i would say!
  13. what do you mean? if you mean how do you get friends on you tama, then you need to find someone else with a connection tama and link them
  14. im gonna buy the best friends pack when it comes out.....but im gonna keep them both for