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    Hi my name is maddie.I curently have one V3 and one V4.My 3 has flowers and butterflys(blue),And my V4 has sunflowers on it(sky blue).I have a blue and pink violetchi tamaleash and I made two cases for them and I made a name tag for them.I also put stick-on earrings on the back of my V3.I hope to get more tamagotchis.I really want a ocean one.also check out my site<br>If you want to be friends PM me but tell me what you like to do no one wants to be friends with someone they dont even know what they like to do.<br><br><br><br>My tamagotchis<br><br>My blue V3 with flowers and butterflies<br>Name:Haley<br>Stage:Teenager<br>Kind Of Tama:Hashitamatchi<br>Age:1<br>Gender:Girl<br><br>My purple V4 with splats on it<br>Name:Halie<br>Stage:Teenager<br>Kind Of Tama:Ichigotchi<br>Age:1<br>Gender:Girl<br><br>My Sky blue V4 with sunflowers on it<br>Name:Kiwi<br>Stage:Adult<br>Kind Of Tama:Pyontitchi<br>Age:4<br>Gender:Boy<br><br>My Pink V4 with hearts on it<br>Name:Kiwi<br>Stage:Adult<br>Kind Of Tama:Mimitchi :)<br>Age:3<br>Gender:Girl

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  1. I dont really think there is an ''average" weight for any tama.just try to keep it as low as possible.Almost all tamas can go down to less than 5 lbs if you do something to it.There really isnt and avarage weight
  2. I dont know what happened!!!First she saw the matchmaker and pushed a button and her tama went blank!So we pushed reset and download and set the time back.THe matchmaker brought a kid!!She exepted it and they fell in love!!!!I dont why this happened I have never seen anything like it!Also the kid was a mohitamatchi
  3. I am hoping to get makiko on My new V4 this will help alot
  4. acctually what the bal glitch is is when you get invaded by a landslide of balls in your items and food.Your tama can eat the balls.The orange is just a regular snack
  5. yes that is a universal charater.If it was a girl it was an ojyotchi if it was a boy it was most likely an obotchi.It will turn into a universal charater adult.These tamas can be cool to so it is OK to get a universal charater. Acttually the universal charaters (teenagers)are new on the V4s.I kind of like them. Universal charater usally come from bad care though. If you get one it might be a sign that your tama is over weight and you need to take better care of it.
  6. to send a tama to preschool just go to the connect heart symbol and push b at the away screen.Your tama wil earn skill points at school.You can earn skill points 10 times at school each day.Actually that "orange"your tama got was acctually a backpack.
  7. Just what Rensa said.It means you have a rare tamagotchi charater.You must have taken really good care of it and It must have had MANY skill points. If you could,could you tell me how many skill points it had?This would help me out alot. Thanks
  8. I have got I Mametchi quite a few times on My V4 all you have to do is make sure your young robotchi or young mametchi has the hightest pencil points and Its not to aver weight.It is acctually pretty easy to get one. Also A mametchi is A tamagotchi charater that looks like this, . If you want a mimitchi(which I have now)This is how I got him:128 pencil points weighed 20 pounds when he turned into a adult and I had the ringotchi teenager.Mimitchi looks like this, . These two tamagotchi charaters are supposed to be hard to get but are acctually pretty easy to get. I hope I helped and if you need more Help just send me a PM I will do my best to help you.
  9. Your tamagotchi can live to be 35 years old(Thats the oldest mine made it).The matchmaker will come from the ages of 5-10(most of the time 6 or 7). Although the matchmaker wont come any more you MIGHT be able to mate your V4 and V3 together since they are both oldies.But since they are so far apart in years I don't know if they would be able to mate. If you dont want your tamagotchi to die so soon you can put it on pause alot(school,bed time,or other tmes you just dont feel like playing it.).your tama won't grow up as fast if you do this. Or if you want to get a new tama just ignore your oldie and soon it will die(I don't know who would want to kill their tama but you CAN do this). I hope I helped.If you have any questions just PM me I might be able to help(I will try my best:))
  10. wow these are some good ideas thanks I will work on the tama crib.I also saw a tiny stool that I bought that had to shelves under it and made a tama bunkbed.I think I will paint the bed.You can also use old doll house furniture for some stuff.Yes I know that you can buy tamagotchi things at the store.I even have a few but I created this post so that you can PERSONILIZE your tama for FREE with stuff you already have.The real tamagotchi stuff is kind of expensive and it is cool to have some tama stuff no one else has.
  11. well this might not count as an idea but if you want to make a tama clay holder and you dont want your tama to get ruined just mold the clay on the holder your tama came in.Also if you hae more ideas please post them.
  12. thanks guys Me and my friend thought up the name of tama cozys we have a zillion of them!
  13. 1.add some stickers too it.I find the cell phone jewels work and stick on earrings stay on for a long time too. 2.If you have a V4 or V3 you can put those cell phone charms on the antenna 3.Make a TamaCozy. To make a TamaCozy you will need: Felt needle thread First trace around your tamagotchi on the felt making the shape MUCH bigger than your tama.Second cut out two of the felt shapes.Third place the two pieces together and sew them together leaving judt enough space to slide your tama in. 4.Make a charm To make a charm you will need: Thread Beads First tie an knot at the end of the thread.Then string on the beads.Third tie the thread onto the keyring of your tama. I have more ideas coming.If you have any ideas please post
  14. YES last night Lili turned into violetchi I am SOOOO happy .WOO.Ok now to get to my log.Lili should wake up soo...oh there it goes.ooh I got mail!!time to check my morning fortune Points:2,Heart:2,Health:3,COOL. I think Lili should get a job soon so here are her skill points,Pencil:66,Star:8,Flower:93.I really want to work at the preschool.I hope I can get a job soon so I can check out the office.I really think violetchi is CUTE!I even have the lanyard with her on it.I also have her charms.I think I will go to school a few more times.Now her her flower points are 102. I will edit this post when something happens to Lili