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  1. I had Shirotsubutchi>Mohitamatchi>Young Dorotchi>Pukatchi
  2. Is there suppose to be something interesting to it? What's the deal with the little red phone?? Am I suppose to get anything besides points here?
  3. Ohhh, I forgot Talladega Nights and also anything with Sacha Baron Cohen.
  4. Other. Gone with the Wind, Tombstone, and anything with Will Ferrell, Angelina Jolie, or Hugh Grant.
  5. It'll probably be a few weeks before we actually know what happened to her anyway.
  6. Just about everything? lol. I'm scared of roaches, spiders, ants, snakes. Basically anything that isn't human and still moves. hehe. I also freak out when I can't breathe. I don't like the dark. I'm afraid of being alone at night. I'm scared of dying or losing people I love. I'm afraid of losing my true love. Probably a lot more.
  7. Other! Purple is my absolute fav! Always has been.
  8. You guys are pretty interesting so I pretty much give every topic for that day a look. I don't usually read past a day though.
  9. Love him. White and Nerdy was awesome.
  10. They didn't find any illegal drugs in her. They found prescribed drugs in her room but wouldn't say who they belonged to. I think her bf had something to do with this. Don't think it was suicide.