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  1. Here are most ( and the best ) of the " Random Events " in RuneScape. What's your favorite? My fav is the Surprise Exam. My second fav is Genie, then the Pinball like game ( you have to tag the bumper that has rings around it ) because you get gems, and I make jewelry . I'm also a Blacksmith. I'm one level over Steel Kiteshields as of now . As a jeweler, I can do ruby rings. As a knight, I'm a 41 in fighting, so don't mess with me . If you don't know what RuneScape is, I'll tell you. To sum it up, it's pretty much the 21 Century version of Dungeons and Dragons. It's a adventure game where you make your own person and live in medieval times. It's a medieval life with a little magic ( and mythical creatures ) involved. You do what ever you want to do. You can chose from any medieval profession to practice. You can be a lot of things. You can be a Leatherworker, Blacksmith, Chef, Fishermen, Miner, Jeweler, Woodcutter, Fighter, Mage ( Wizard ), Archer, Trader ( buying and selling for profit ) , and the rest are Members Only . Here's the link: http://www.runescape.com/ Please reply! Guy
  2. This happened to me once. In the beginning of a connection, the Tamas swap information. They tell each other what the character is, it's gender, and if playing a game, who will win. If one Tama gives information and receives information, it will connect. If the Tama gives out information but doesn't receive information for some reason, it won't connect. If one tama gives and receives info and one doesn't, only one will connect! ( confusing, huh? ) So your Tama was having a baby with your other Tama. Just one didn't receive information and didn't connect. Guy
  3. Geek = Cool person that is either really knows what's cool with computers or is really interested in and knows a lot about something. Example: My sister is a horse geek. Example: I'm both a computer geek and a hermit crab geek ( and a math geek ). Right now ( and hopefully for ever ) the word geek means you're really into something and know a lot about it. The terms you're looking for are nerd and dork. Those mean what geek USED to mean. All hail Geeks!!!!! Guy
  4. Not a glitch at all! It's just that sometimes a Tama won't like how he ( or she ) put on the make-up. Then he won't come up. But, if he likes the look, he come up and show you. What version is you're Tama? I know what I'm saying is right for V2s and V3s, but not so sure about V4s-V4.5s. It might be that with them the girls are the only characters that can use make-up. Or perhaps it's the same with 4s and 5s! Guy
  5. Answer 1. With the matchmaker, the baby's gender is random. Answer 2. No changing jobs until you get enough skill points for a new job. Answer 3. You get a new job when you earn enough skill points for a better job.
  6. Uhhhhhmmmmm....... Give me more info! And learn to use commas and periods! Please! Ok, ok. I'll try to help. This sounds strange. I would normally assume that it was a bad battery, and you walked in and saw it at the moment it got low. BUT, if the battery became low, it would show the low battery sign. It wouldn't suddenly go black! And, of course, you told me it wasn't the battery . And that means there is ONLY three possible explanations: 1. You are lucky enough to experience a possibly never before seen glitch 2. There are more facts that you haven't told me 3. You're a big fat liar ( I doubt that you are, but you never know ) I don't know enough about what happened to even guess at what you're problem is, and how to possibly fix it. And so..... If there is any more info, please tell me! Otherwise that means you've got yourself a very rare glitch; one that might be impossible to cure . GG PS. Sorry about calling you a potential liar. When I help people with glitches, I have to be nice and help, but also remember that they might be pulling by leg
  7. You're Tama will receive a [!] letter in the mail eventually. It will take you to your Tamas old teacher, and he'll say goodbye. Then you get another [!] letter as soon as you're Tama returns to it's screen. THIS will take you to you're job options! If you get a job depends on your skill points. If you have around 80 or more of any skill point, you have a good chance of getting a job. GG
  8. Yup, that's a glitch alright! When the battery is low, glitches like to happen. Also when Tamas are dropped! So the combination of the to makes a glitch. GG
  9. Getting mail a lot is perfectly fine, as long as it's not getting it every few minutes. Unless it's getting mail EVERY few minutes, there's nothing to worry about. GG
  10. Here's one: http://www.tamatalk.com/IB/index.php?showt...V3+growth+chart ( Scroll 1 post down ). GG
  11. Tell me more! I need more information before I can help you. Are these ABC codes in the shop? Or are there number codes in the code place? How old is your Tama? Give me more info, and I can help!!! GG
  12. The Cell Phone let's you're Tama call different characters when it's an adult. The list is here: http://www.tamagotchi.com/pdf/chart_cellphone.pdf Hope I helped! GG
  13. I can help. The V4 Character chart is here: http://i57.photobucket.com/albums/g224/Sun...4_Char_List.gif And the V3 is here: http://www.tamatalk.com/IB/index.php?showt...character+chart Hope this helps! GG
  14. You use it with 2 adults. Both of them need to use it ( I think ) for it to work. If they already are 4 hearts with each other, then they will have a baby. If they aren't 4 hearts with each other, then it just makes them 4 hearts. GG
  15. Yes, you heard me right, I drink Coffee! My Dad and Mom love Coffee, so I guess liking in runs in the genes . I currently drink iced espresso because Dad recently bought an espresso machine . Naturally, as a Coffee newbie, I add sugar and milk. But I'm slowly lowering the amount of sugar as I get used to Coffee, and eventually I'll drink it black . My parents like Coffee SO much, they buy the un-roasted beans and roast them they're selves! My sister and I help. It's really fun! Besides being fun, it cheaper, so we try expensive Coffee from around the world. Any questions or comments? Please reply! GG