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  1. edit: AW CRAP ANA, REALLY? ARE WE THAT LINKED? ^^^^ I chose no because that'd be awkward. "HEY LADY, GO ABORT YOUR BABY!" I mean, the baby would be in a bad position, yes, but it's not something I would say. I chose A because they sounded like a lot more fun to hang out with *shot for choosing on such lame reasons*
  2. I think THEY'RE okay. But some of the fans are, frankly, idiots. Like Pokeshippers. "OMG YOU DONT LIKE JB? GO DIE LOLOOLOLOLOOLOLKSD IHDGKHODSIOHGOAHSDIOGHIOSDHGOSDGDH"
  3. At fifth grade, come on-- you've GOT to be smart enough to know not to bury your head in the sand trying to act like a TV character. Seriously. I mean, if they mentioned he had a learning disability or something, I would understand completely. But if this is just a run-of-the-mill average kid who happened to watch too much tv... ... something's wrong here.
  4. Lol. People say I am. I don't blame them, considering some of my jokes... I just have a very creative mind and it wanders to weird things. XD; ... and when it comes to anime couples, now that you mention it, probably, yeah, I totally am... XD
  5. I write fanfiction bunches and bunches! XD Mostly because I like so many impossible pairings... (crack, anyooone?) I usually write Tokyo Mew Mew and Pokemon, and occasionally Naruto or other things, though they're usually oneshots... ... and I keep getting way too many KishxMint and MistyxMay fanfic ideas. I could probably sit and write those all day if I let myself... ^^;
  6. Biologically, girls are weaker than boys. Which might be part of it. That's why there are seperation in sports: women bodies are not made to be all muscule-y. And in your case, they're just immature boys that don't know anything =P Most little kids are sexist. However, if you look at it, guys get alot of stuff too. Think about it. Theres alot of stuff that society sort of says "if you do ___, you're gay/girly/etc." Women, socially, are much more accepted. To quote my friend, "If a girl wears guy clothes, they're a tomboy. If a boy wears girl clothes, they're a crossdresser." Therefore, it's even, haha. Poor boys xD
  7. Caramell - Caramelldansen (Speedycake Remix) I know, darn me and my addictive foriegn dance music xD
  8. I got only one star in money, and then the mail was a robber-- could there be a correlation?
  9. Okay. Today was B-U-S-Y. A- I was woken up at 9am by an evolution noise. I jumped up and looked at them-- and it was Sunao! He turned into a Ura-Mametchi. For anyone who is in need of mass-data for a growth chart... I took care of him well, and his points were like this at evolution: Funny: 91 Gorgeous: 12 Spiritual: 27 Raio and Peep are still teens. B- I went to Wallgreens today in hopes of getting tama-batteries. However. It cost about half the price of a new tama for two batteries, and there wasn't any in single packages. And, somehow, I ended up with 15 less dollars and one new tama '''' How? I'm no longer sure... ''''' It's a v3, and it's yellow with a blue inset, and red/pink dots and buttons. I'll look up the name later... I just pulled the tag and I'm waiting for it to hatch. :3
  10. First for my v4.5 and one of my v2s, second for the other v2. (I just a while ago started running them again ^^; )
  11. Still teens-- they've been paused alot lately. I'm entering all the codes now-- and I always keep forgetting to enter the love potion first!! >< I guess I'll have to buy it.
  12. EVOLUTION HAPPENS. Raio became a Hinatchi. Peep became a Yu-fotchi. Sunao became a Crackertchi.
  13. They're all asleep, now ^^ They all needed time-outs, so now their training is 2. Peep and Raio's weight is really high-- I'm waiting until they turn into teenagers, so that I can thin them out with Heading. Here are their stats: RAIO putitchi > kinkamotchi shell: red w/ jellybeans v2 age: 0yr gender: boy hungry: ♥♥♥ happy: ♥♥♥♥ weight: 50lb training: {||_______} generation: 2 points: 1792p PEEP shiroputitchi > marutchi shell: white w/ fruit rings v2 age: 0yr gender: girl hungry: ♥♥♥ happy: ♥♥♥ weight: 36lb training: {||_______} generation: 1 points: 76p SUNAO tsubutchi > hitodetchi shell: blue hawaiian v4.5 age: 0yr gender: boy hungry: ♥♥♥♥ happy: ♥♥♥♥ weight: 13lb training: {||_______} generation: 1 skill points: funny- 16, gorgeous-14, spiritual-18. points: 2400p I can't wait till they become teens! That'll be a while though, since I have to pause them alot... maybe I should let them sleep instead? If I can find the time in the morning. Today was a bad day for me but I'm okay now.