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  1. I'm sorry if the answer to this is obvious, but with my v5.5 on second generation, when I mated my first generation parents through the matchmaker, all three parents left and I was left with one egg. Huh? Aren't there supposed to be THREE eggs?
  2. Thank you!!! I was really confused... haha I'm glad I have a "Royal" tama...
  3. OMG right on!! I completely agree with you! Anyone, anywhere should be able to have a tamagotchi!
  4. Hi, I'm not new to tamagotchi's (i've had 2 V3's and V4's for about a year) but I just got a new tama, and I recently found out its really a V5.5, not just a V5. (i know, pretty stupid by me, right? ) Can someone tell me what a few of the differences are between a V5 and V5.5? Thanks in advance. Sorry if this has been posted before.
  5. lol nice idea!! haha you guys have awesome ideas... they're funny too
  6. I'm sorry is this already posted, but can I have the cell phone numbers on the V4? I have the rare cell phone but I can't find the numbers. THANK YOU!
  7. Richard, keep setting your clock to 10:29 and she should come eventualy. That's what I did. GOOD LUCK!
  8. ok, if you get a universal teenager, then you have a chance to get ANY adult, from any family. Not sure about the teenager thing though. Sorry! Hope I helped!
  9. PLEASEEEEEEEEEE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have 2 adults and I need to know.
  10. thats really sad I dont think bandai would do thatthough. Still, thanks 4 the advice, ill use it.
  11. I agree, dont well like that. What mr.moo said was true!
  12. Mimitchi is a female, it cannot be a male. If you have a V4, get a female, and then get young mimitchi or ringotchi as a teen. Get more pencil points and you should get mimitchi! Good Luck!
  13. thanks guys! I'm gonna try for memetchi or mametchi. Thank you!!!
  14. You know the 3 icons, the star, pencil, and flower? How do I get more of them and what do they mean? Please reply soon, because my tamas just mated and I'm hoping to get a memetchi!!!!