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  1. There are only 4 types of toddlers you can get, but if you treat your baby boy or girl differently each time, you might get a different toddler. If you take care of your tama almost every minute, you will be likely to get a hitodetchi.
  2. If you have a v2, you could look out for an item called 'soda' in your shop, it costs 1000 gotchi points, but it'll bring your tama back to its base weight. It'll look like a jar filled with stars. Otherwise, you will just have to play loads of games like what BellSprout said.
  3. November has the holiday Thanksgiving, so the turkey chasing your tama is a random animation, and your marutchi wasn't spitting stuff in the air, it was yawning because it was getting sleepy or close to its bed time. Your tama has to be an adult to use the UFO, and your teenager changes into an adult when its about 3 years old.
  4. Tamagotchis are just mini virtual pets, and anyways if you want a Nintendog, they cost WAY more than a tamagotchi. And tamatalk is a place to chat about tamagotchis so don't post here if you don't wanna talk about tamas.
  5. The X means that the battery is low, you can resume taking care of your tama by poking the reset button in the back, pressing B and selecting download, but eventually the X will come back until you change the battery.
  6. Hiratchi is an average adult and Zuccitchi is known as a bad character [you get zuccitchi when you neglect your tama a lot] Hope I answered your questions!
  7. Actually, you get Maskutchi when you neglect your tama for a bit, when the UFO lands its ends up at a random place, so maybe your a bit unlucky, keep on using the UFO and then you can end up at 4 other places! You go end up at: Easter Island Hawaii Egypt Paris New York
  8. You press A and hold the button and then press B to unpause it. Hope this helped!
  9. You can get batteries at your local dollar store, supermarkets, wal-mart and many other places. I got my batteries for a dollar and they lasted 7 months, but to be on the safe side, you should buy the duracell or maxwell branded batteries, they are high quality batteries.
  10. The wings are just regular shop items, I don't think there are any special items that appear on Halloween. If you put wings on a kabutchi, it has little angel wings!
  11. Apparently, I have 1 right now on my v1, kuchipatchis are sooooo cute!
  12. That happened to me once, it happened on my v1 so I didn't really have anything to lose except the generations. To prevent this from happening try to buy really good branded batteries or screw the cover of your tama tighter next time. Sometimes thats what triggers it.
  13. It sounds like you have a Ufotchi, they are like mini Ufo tamagotchis ^^ Hmmm....... And if you wanna buy something thats worth buying I suggest the Ufo or a Trumpet (sp) The trumpet makes music and the Ufo takes your tama around the world.
  14. Its the item UFO, it costs 5000 points and it takes your tama around the world! Its not worth it unless you have lots of points, just play lots of games with your adult tamagotchi and save up points to buy it.