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  1. Or you can use an item called a mirror. Not the girl dresser, though. Creidt to binary, too.
  2. Yea, it happens to me a lot... It's always so sudden
  3. Hi again! My Mametchi ( Sammy) just got married a few minutes ago! Clover and Sally were sad because they had to go , but now, he married a Memetchi! (in memory of Clover ) They have 3 children (Now, I'll be in green.) The first one is Lucy(girl), and she's a Belltchi(They already turned into toddlers) The left one's Calvin(Boy), an Ahrukutchi (The duck). The last ones Blossom(girl), a Sakuramotchi (W/ flower.) I just realized, when you get a new generation, you don't get to change the family name! I guess I'll stick with KATz!... Oh well, her's the stats: Hungry:full Happy:full Bond:0% Still blended. KATz! 2G, 18230gp(Got some from playing golf putt and shoe pairs w/ the parents ) Dad: PapaMametchi Mom:MemeMamatchi I'll post again later! -tamagotchi101123
  4. Sorry I haven't posted lately. I've been very busy. They turned into adults! Here are the stats: Hungry:full Happy:full Bond:90% (Now they all come up to the screen! ) Blended KATz! 18200 gp Sally:Chantotchi (Somehow like a mametchi) Sammy: A... MAMETCHI!!!! Just what I wanted... Clover:Memetchi We played a few games, and soon they'll be able to go to the DATING SHOW! See you tommorow! -tamagotchi101123 Edit: I just got training! Now, their bond % is 100!
  5. Too bad there's only 3 items that can raise the % (sorry I posted twice )
  6. Thanks a lot binary! First, I didn't know how to get the bonding % up,except training, but now I can use these items to get it!
  7. Hi! We've been playing a lot today!Here are the stats: Hungry&Happy:full Bond:805(Now all of them come up!It's so cute!) blended 18110gp,1G,KATz! They're still teenagers, so I won't post that again. Sally seems to be talking to a fridge? Bye!-tamagotchi101123
  8. Hi again! Here are the stats: Hungry: 3(I'll fix that...) Happy:full bond:60%.Now they kiss! blended as usual... KATz! 1G 15290gp Sally:Chamametchi Sam(my):Mamekatchi Clover:Shellitchi We won tea time! We used that money and bought a biscuit. Bye for now!-tamagotchi101123
  9. Wow! Random question... Were you connecting w/ another version? I doubt it, but I wanted to ask I asked because if you were,(I still doubt it) it might as appeared as ? If not, maybe it's a glitch? (or like somone said, a dark baby/toddler)
  10. Yea, that's what I meant. Hope that clears up things.
  11. Don't ask why I'm posting so early Today, when I woke up, they were teenagers! Sally is a Chamametchi! ( Mametchi's lil sister) Sam is a Mamekatchi ( a mametchi w/ a beak?) and Clover is a Shelltchi! Thet got training, and here are the stats: Happy and Hunger:full Bond:40% Blended Katz!,15160gp,1G and, I got some items w/ some help from binary! binary's V5 help! I'm excited what adult they'll be! -Tamagotchi101123