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  1. lol haha your posting a post about you lost tama. lol hopefully it`ll come upp..
  2. YEAHHH lol that pretty much works.i try it pretty much all the time. and get freestuff like balls. and such.
  3. ofcourse its not going to work. you train your tama. not.. like name it and expec it to turn into something.. not to bre rude...
  4. i didnt debug it i wanted to see if it works lol but it didnt instead it had that line..grrerg
  5. well thats weird cuhz i ahd a 4 and 5 yr onld and they both got married.. TODAY lol
  6. [FONT=Arial]omg i really need help..i opened and tried to debug my v2 and then i checked if it would work and it didnt instead i got this like running throm ly tamagotchi..all it is is a blank line with nothing and if my tama goes in the middle of the like the part that it is in will not be in on the pixels it just really sad help![/font]
  7. i now what u mean where a few of the pixels are missing and it wont hshow the pictures..ionno what to do either
  8. i really i've been here a long time and i didnt noe we had an arcade awesome
  9. doode i don ' t think thats sumin to be happy about but ok..