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  1. 1. I think it's a version 2. I named him Rad. He turned into a little alien thingy! I used to have like 4 of them a few years ago. But then I took their batteries out because they were annoying & I lost interest. But now I just take care of one, although I often forget I have it and then I hear it beeping, so I go to check on it, and it has several piles of feces piled up next to it, it's hunger is really bad and it has a disease. LOL.
  2. I almost got detention last year, because I didn't hand in my assignment for my Italian class early enough. But then I handed it in the next morning so I didn't have to get detention.
  3. My school has always had a uniform, and so did my primary school. I didn't mind at all though. And the rules for the uniforms at my current school are a lot more strict than yours, e.g. we are only allowed to wear black things in our hair, and they have to be completely black. I had one with small white dots on it and the teacher told me to take it off. We even have to wear school socks, which are a bit expensive for something you just wear on your feet. But at least we can have any bag we want if we're in year nine or ten (as long as it's black). The kids in year seven and eight have to have the school bag bought at the school uniform shop. It's really big and bulky (I had one in year seven and eight) and some of the bags are almost as big as the kid who has to carry them around. Everything we wear for school (except for scarves, stockings **but they both have to be black**, and bags **also have to be black** for people in year nine and ten) has to be bought from the school uniform shop. But I still don't mind my school uniform. We sometimes have 'mufti days' at school where we can wear anything we want. I actually like having a uniform too, so I don't have to wash my regular clothes as much. You're lucky that the rules for the uniform at your school aren't really that strict. =)
  4. Does anyone here watch the TV show "Are You Being Served?" It's one of my favourite shows & I have some episodes of it on DVD.
  5. Ohh I've seen that one before! It's so funny.
  6. Then


    Wow, people actually replied while I was gone! Cool huh? =] In my P5 game, I recently decided to remove PetzA from the petz folder (I still have it stored somewhere else, though, just in case I ever feel like doing some fast breeding again) I decided to try playing P5 the 'normal' way for a bit. First, I got some of the Petz that I no longer wanted, and put them up for adoption on another website. I also put some older Petz up for adoption too, ones that I'd gotten from my many breeding projects and had been meaning to get rid of quite a while ago. I considered deleting them, but decided not to because some of them looked so awesome that I thought someone else might want one. So I put them up for adoption on a forum. Now, I have about 26 Petz in P5. I had over 40 before, and that's not counting the ones that I got from breeding projects and shoved into a folder where I'd keep them until I actually bothered to post them up for adoption somewhere. So yeah. 26 petz now. It might be 27 soon, because I asked to adopt a dog that was up for adoption on someone's website and they might send it soon. Before I removed PetzA, I made most of my Petz into puppies/kittens rather than adults. I did this because... I forgot. But I still did it! And that's what I've done in P5 in the past few days. I had (and still have) an illness (flu) so there wasn't much else for me to do during that time. I haven't played Petz 4 in a while. I might try looking for some petz that are up for adoption for P4, because I want more petz on it.
  7. I don't really like the people who try too hard to be "hyper" - the ones who go, "OMG LEMONS ARE GOING TO TAKE OVER THE WORLD LOLZ I LIKE TO EAT CHEESE HAHA YEA I'M SO RANDOM WANNA BE MY FRIEND???" I'm not "hyper". I don't use lots of capital letters and exclamation points. I post odd things sometimes (well, often), but not in a 'hyper' kind of way. =) But I'm not one of those over-serious people. The ones who go, "omg stop being so immature." I find them annoying, but funny in a way too. Hahaha. Hahaha. =)
  8. Me! =D I like to watch it every time!
  9. Then


    Does anyone here watch Futurama? It's one of my favourite TV shows. My favourite character is Bender.
  10. Shows like Fawlty Towers, Some Mothers Do 'Ave 'Em, Are You Being Served, George & Mildred, On The Buses, or The Benny Hill show? I watch them. I have Fawlty Towers on DVD (it used to be on every Sunday afternoon) and I also have one season of Are You Being Served on DVD. Some Mothers Do 'Ave 'Em, Are You Being Served, On The Buses, and The Benny Hill show are on every Saturday evening. George & Mildred used to be on as well. =)
  11. Yes, there is. It's to learn things that we'll probably need to know one day. And also to socialize and meet people our own age. Most people meet their friends through school. Some things don't seem quite important, such as algebra. I'm not quite sure where I'll need to use that. Does anyone know?
  12. Is your dog or the neighbour's dog neutered?
  13. Oh, yes. I like my legs to be oh so smooth. But in winter, I sometimes go for longer without shaving them, since I always wear pants/stockings.
  14. It depends. If you like Thomas The Tank Engine as, say, a friend, then it's okay. But if you are in love with him, it's bad, because I'm going to marry him.
  15. I'm sorry if I hurt your feelings by not knowing about a particular TV show.