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    My Keitai Tama<br><br>Ciao Keitai Ver.1.<br><br>Baby:Puchitchi<br><br>Child:Hitodetchi<br><br>Teenage:Ringotchi<br><br>adult:Memetchi<br><br>Lemon Yellow Keitai<br><br>Baby:Shiropuchitchi<br><br>Child:Hitodetchi<br><br>Teenage:Ringotchi<br><br>Adult:???<br><br>--------------------------------------------------------------------------<br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br>

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  1. umm... that's true. It can be a normal keitai..
  2. And she will sent Attenna Tm. to me in7-9days. I will scan it here.
  3. er.... I don't know anything much about this.Sorry, I didn't see it myself My aunt is live at seattle. and she told me... If anything wrong. I apologize about that.
  4. Oh it's release now!! at23th June!! at toy r us!! (Sorry, I don't have some pictures. but it looklike keitai! and I spell wrong.... sorry It's name Attenna Tamagotchi he he.
  5. i see antenna tamagotchi in 23th june at toyrus store seattle it has antenna like keitai but in english language