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  1. banned for doing a charlie the unicorn reference in your signature
  2. Yeah so I got this from another forum. Doesn't matter. Anyway, to play this game, one must ban the above member from the site for any reason they should see fit. For example: Person 1: mametchi215, You're banned for having numbers in your name! Person 2: You're banned for ending that sentence in an exclamation mark. Person 3: You're banned for eating cheese! Ect... Let the games begin!
  3. and my roomate is such an idiot and he eats the food that i buy.......
  4. *sigh* I moved away about 2 months ago and my life collapsed I didnt know how to go on.......... :..(
  5. To be honest, why were you trying to debug it in the first place? there are warnings
  6. i hate waiting 48 hours after my v5 becomes an adult to get on the dating show!! Is there any way to get on the dating show without having to wait?
  7. *binary: link removed* I am looking for the best recipes for the best desserts
  8. I was just a little confused about pause mode, i e-mailed bandai and told them my v5 doesent pause.Then they e-mailed me back and told me." I'm sorry, we wern't very specific in the instructions the pause mode is the travel mode on the tv."
  9. I love pokemon so much that if i had the option of playing it i would. Here is the list of games i've played: Pokemon blue pokemon crystal pokemon leafgreen pokemon emerald pokemon daimond in that order
  10. There are no such things as haunted houses It's A Hoax, a myth, like unicorns, cropcircles, and faries!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. I Have seen the tamagotchi v5 commercial 5 times today. If I see one more tamagotchi commercial I am going to scream because I want one (just one) v5