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  1. vince730


    Who here plays Webkinz? If you do, lets discuss everything here. What Rare/Exclusive/Retired Items do you have?
  2. We're not stu[id. Her code and username will let you into her account for you to hack it
  3. Now, the tamas can turn out their own light and it has been replaced by the mail icon
  4. Mine are tamatalk WEBKINZ!(Why does no one ever put that?!) AIM Webkinz Insider and or course... TAMATOWN
  5. vince730


    Who has Webkinz. Which ones do you have and how many? Do you have a cheeky dog or cat? This is the place to talk about it. Hey, are you a member of Webkinz Insider(WI)? Tell me your username and we can trade in the GE!
  6. No, that has never happened to me. Except, its been a while, but if I can remember, if you stack the burger high, it has a tendency to fall over.I'm not sure if that is your problem, but I hoped it helped.
  7. I hope so!! Since the one update many months ago, nothing has happened and tamatalk has become broken. I hope the station opens soon.
  8. Any tama that says "JD" is fake, no matter how real it looks
  9. The latest are not "v4 and v5". they are the v4. the next one out will be a v4.5 ANY TAMAGOTCHI not a v4 is a fake.
  10. I'm sorry but that tamagotchi is a fake. Bandai has not even made a v4.5 yet, let alone a v5. I would not buy on e-bay ever, but atleast look for the bandai symbol if you are
  11. I have found an interesting bit of info. On the tamgotchi website when you click to go to the area where you can get stuff for your call phone, I noticed you can buy a tamagotchi pet that is on your call phone and you play with it the same way as your real one, but its on your call phone. If you have the right carrier, you can buy it and "add another tama to your collection" Its really cool!
  12. Very nice guide! I'm sure it was alot of work. It will be very helpful to tama owners with questions and new owners P.S. lol, I can't wait for a v4 guide. (just kidding, I'm sure your fingers are tired)
  13. boy are you lucky. Your going to get a really good job and maybe even one of the special adults. This is a glitch from debugging. A lot of weird thing happen when you debugg, that is why I recommend you don't do it. Remember that if you debugged correctly, and you don't like this, just erase all the pencil marks and your tama should be beck to normal. Though, if nothing else weird is happening, don't because you will have so many points
  14. That is not a good idea!! That is what causes the "ball glitch" problem in the first place. Trying to trash these items. You are better off leaving it alone. Doing this will only make the problem worse and make you do a complete reset.
  15. This would be a glitch. From what you have said, the tama has parents already on it. Umm... I think if you really want the orange back, you will have to reset it. Taking the battery out a few times might help. If you don't want to reset, you will have to live with no orange and no scnacks by entering a password.