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    Hi people =)<br><br>I love photography, swing and ballroom dancing, my friends && my boyfriend. IM me if you wanna chat!<br><br>~Lizzy.

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  1. ~TamaBloom12~

    Do you remember your first tama?

    I do! His name was Tom, version 1. I was about 10 or 11 years old I think. Haha good old days
  2. ~TamaBloom12~


    I think tamas are perfectly for for everyone. They have designs for boys, so they're not directed just at girls. I say it doesn't matter what gender you are
  3. ~TamaBloom12~

    The ^ > V game!

    ^ colorful siggy ^-^ > yeah, how'd ya know? actually I woke up 50 minutes ago, but whatever V has already started school?
  4. ~TamaBloom12~

    Rate the person above's Avvie game!

    9/10. what's the font in your siggy?
  5. ~TamaBloom12~

    Rate the person above's Avvie game!

    4/10. What is it?
  6. ~TamaBloom12~

    The ^ > V game!

    ^ you have an old tamagotchi..... > no, cookie =) V knows how to knit?
  7. ~TamaBloom12~


    I get $13 a month plus my mom buys as many clothes as she thinks I need for that month, it's a good system we have
  8. ~TamaBloom12~

    Do people think you look your age?

    I'm 13....Today someone thought I was 15, sometimes they say I look 14 though.
  9. ~TamaBloom12~

    _____ In My Underwear

    Naughty Girl in my underwear O.o I'm listening to that song right now.